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Very hard question!


perhaps 'Just a Man' (Faith No More), no I like dit 'cause it was catchy.


Ummmm, 'No Quarter' (Led Zep).


One (Metallica).


You couldn't call it a song in the traditional sense, but there are some mixes by the master of trance, Sasha, that are mind blowing. That guy was the first to have the gift.


There you go, I failed to answer the question.

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Shakin Stevens!(snigger, yeh right!)

Love will tear us apart by Joy Division

Tinsletown in the rain by The Blue nile

Forest Fire by LLoyd Cole and the Commotions

and I'm quite partial to (ie, its my mobile ringer) Clint Eastwood (is that what its called?) by The Gorillas and other stuff, which may just be a passing thing and not as long term as the first 3 obviously are (hey, I used to love Sunshine on a rainy day by zoe, Torn by Natalie Imbruglia and Bitch by Meredith Brooks - Still do but they havent proven to be monumental or here for the duration).

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Blister in the Sun by the Violent femmes.....




Everything to Everyone by Everclear.....


but my FAVE FAVE


has got to be...


For the kids (i think its called! hehae) by blink 182


oh oh...


and Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits...


i dont have one ! i have many!

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I could never choose just one song. i had enough trouble picking a favourite album in the other thread not too long ago!!


db - One, is a truly awesome song. Have you seen the video clip for it. Very cool.


Sam - the Blink 182 song is "Stay Together For The Kids". Also a very good song. Probably one of Blinks best. Also their song "M&M's" is very good!

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Under the Bridge by the Chilli Peppers. And while i'm at it, anyone go to the concert at the Saitama Super Arena last weekend. SenF%&&INsational.


The flea....comes onto the stage wearing white jocks and orange socks. That's rock.

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