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Seiko, I found this explanation for you. Some people may define the words differently;



A beefburger is beef alone (no bun, no salad, no sauce).


A burger or hamburger is beef in a bun, usually although not necessarily together with some form of salad and some kind of sauce.


Despite the name, a hamburger does contain beef, not ham. According to the definition of "Hamburg" in my edition of the Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary the name came from the city of Hamburg in Germany.


A cheeseburger is a hamburger with not only meat, salad and sauce but also a layer of cheese.


There is one additional term used in the USA and Canada: you often see "hamburger meat" on sale in supermarkets.


Hamburger meat for sale in supermarkets is ground beef, occasionally called ground round or ground chuck.



What Americans call 'hamburger' meaning ground beef, English people call 'mince'.


McDonalds are possibly the worst hamburgers in the world, although apparently the most popular. Same goes for the beer touted as being the best in the world, Budweiser.

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beefburger is a name invented by Wimpy, where whimps eat, in conjunction with captain pirate Birdseye. Hamburger is Hamburger from Hamburg which does not exist.


The world's best hamburger is found in New York, 'cos they say so.


The best beer in the world can be found in Sapporo.


Did preople know anything in 2002??????????????????????????????????

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I like XXXX. What do you drink Koko, Tooheys New? That wasn't bad, better than VB but I drank that as well. My fave Oz beer is Coopers Pale, great beer. Crown isn't bad either in fact I'd drink any beer!! lol

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