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Best concert you've been to

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For various reasons, not always the music ;\)


Stone Roses - awesome

The Smiths, Hacienda

The Smiths - Queen is Dead tour

New Order - brotherhood/technique period

Depeche Mode, Crystal Palace 93

The Fall

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TISM (saw them at university) just jumped into my head. Don't know why. Must have enjoyed it.


Other than that, a sort of 'revival' concert by another small australian band called Radio Birdman. They broke up in 1978 or so. I saw them in '95.


Birdman were the ultimate surf band. The Celibate Rifles took the style from them.


The weekend of the concert was one of the best in my life. had a BBQ at Coogee beach in Sydney. Caught up with a whole heap of old uni mates, got pissed on VB, had a smoke, watched the concert at the Coogee Hotel, picked up a some girl. Next morning went down to my fav. point break (picture on my members page)and had a great surf.


Those days as an ozzie surf yobbo were some of the best.

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I've got a few.


Big Day Out 2001 - especially Mudvayne

Big Day Out 2002 - esp. Drowning Pool and Amen.

Unwritten Law - Manly Youth Centre

Blink 182 - Van Warped Tour (1998 i think)

Hed(PE) - Metro, Sydney

System of a Down - Hordern Pavilion.


Been to a heap more but those ones stand out.

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Iggy Pop..Melbourne at the Palace same year he did the Big Day Out..Got to hang out side stage ..just utter filth..guys a legend..

Nirvana..same place..maybe same year ..god knows.

just unbelievable..they were soo loud but no one cared..energy in that place never experienced before..

Dead Kennedys..just complete and utter chaos..just awesome..

Fu Manchu and Rollerball..Brisvegas..Fu Manchu just rock..

Nebula...another stonerrock band from the states..lookout for thes guys when they come back they are sick..

Mudhoney..very first tour of Oz..when the released Superfuzz Big Muff..My head was blown off..never recovered..


Rifles,Sunnyboys gigs..yep DeeDee..being a aussie surf yob at that time was the best..great music and great life..

The Cosmic Psychos..always loud ,always pissed, always a great time..oh yeah the band is good too..the Grand Daddys of Grunge..guaranteed a sick night out..

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#1 - Pink Floyd - Division Bell - Vancouver, GM Place 1995... Took my (then) 15 year old son and he has never been satisfied with any concert he's seen since...


#2 - Rush - 2112 Tour - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada - 1974 or 75 I think ??? Little Hockey Rink Arena in Fort William.... little fuzzy those daze... er days....


#3 - Bob Welch (ex-original Fleetwood Mac) - French Kiss Tour - Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, 1977 or 78...


Once saw The Guess Who perform live at Polo Park Mall in Winnipeg "just" before they got famous.. they were like a bunch of garage banders singing for free to promote their single and I was about 10 years old going "Wowwwwwwww"... Had no idea that I was witnessing the birth of a fairly famous band........


Honorable Mention: Blue Rodeo - Kamloops BC - Hockey Rink where Kamloops Blazers play Hockey.. 2 years ago

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Iggy Pop live! Man, that would have been great.


As for Mudhoney. I was a poor uni student then, it killed me that I couldn't afford it. I had Super Fuzz Big Muff, cracker of an album.


I once saw Tea party, they were pretty good.

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Squeeze, at Manchester Uni Union. 'Jules Holland and his Mighty Organ' induced me to dance myself so stupid I couldn't find my way home afterwards (I think maybe the skinful of Becks I drank may have contributed to this difficulty).

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Wow lots of Canadian content there. I'd have to say going to Lalopoloza at UBC for 2 years straight. You see 8 bands throughout the day(non stop fun) I'd have to say Green was the best! Lit their drums on fire and thrashed the whole stage at the end. Plus moshing was great..... I think I lost my one of my sandles in there.



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Salmonella Dub at the last gathering ever held - all you kiwis'll know what I'm talking about.

The Nomad at arc -


A much smaller scale than anything anyone here is talking about (and much smaller than heaps of other stuff iv been to) but sometimes the small ones are the most fun of all.

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Beastie Boys and Henry Rollins at the old Varsity arena- it was so packed you just kinda dove over the boards and into the pit- Brisbane 1996 - beasties frank black choclate starfish etc- drove up from Byron ibn an old combi- went to jupiters for an hour and lost all but our last ten bucks then won back up to 600 bucks- snuck into the concert and hookd up with some mates who had had met some girl whose Dad owned a Pharmacy--------------

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I went to see Squeeze too when I was at uni, it was a good laugh. Other good laughts were The Fall, Smiths, All About Eve, The Cult, The Mission. The goth period I was going through.

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#1 - Counting Crows Brandies Univ Gym - 1997 front row rite infront of Adam and they rocked the schoolhouse. Plus taking the commuter rail there and back met some really cool girls...


#2 - String Cheese Incident 2002 - Fuji Rock Festival (First concert in Japan) again small crowd for one of my fav bands. First encounter with Japanese hippie scene, and 2 nights of String Cheese man did they jam.


#3 - Dave Matthews Band - Greatwoods ? Date - On the lawn for DMB for 3 hour show rite when Crash came out and they still played reasonable sized venues.


Probably soon to be #1... Phish New Years Eve 2003 - Madison Sq. Garden. Phish first show since hiatus 2 years ago... 3 sets, probably the toughest ticket to get all year in the USA. Cant wait to see Trey and the band for the first time. Got to Japan just after their Japan tour a few years back and wasnt really into Phish till after college.

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right on about SCI at Fuji rock this year...I only saw the 2nd night...but it was SMOKING! \:D I am trying to get my hands on a copy...a buddy of mine has one....if you are interested, let me know...


I WISH I could go to NYE...strange thing...I know more people in Japan who got tix than back home...all my friends (and ME!) got negged on tix...


speaking of concerts...so many good ones...how about

Phish 7/3 Hartford (or was it 7/5???)

Roger Waters last year in tokyo...

Allman Brothers...everytime....


Rock On!



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Second nite SCI was excellent 2 sets, but the one set on Saturday was even better I think. Think by Sunday the guys were a bit tired, or maybe it was me that was tired (the 3 hour drive back to Tokyo at 1 am after the show was a killer). Saturday the band stopped by the bar in the back after the show got to meet all of em, really nice guys actually, really cared about what we thot of the set. I have copys of both nites, let me know if you want em I can burn u a copy. I got denied tickets to NYE thru the lotto (30 freaking entries only got one set of Hamptons) but thankfully thru Ticketbastard I called an out of state number and got massive lucky with a pair of NYE's. Got some friends paying 500 USD a pop that would have been painful. Any other Phish Phans out there?

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random order:


311 on halloween '96 in Athens

allman bros '98 5 nights at the Fox

DMB - every show with Tim Reynolds

Bela Fleck and the Flecktones - esp. Baltimore and Philly '00

Govt Mule - all shows. fav new years '99

Derek Trucks - before he was (really)famous in Athens

Rusted Root '97 in Athens

G. Love throws a great show

Fuji rock this summer was awesome!!! But the price was crazy! eek.gif


Then DJs in Japan, Modaji (3x) Phil Asher (3x), Fat boy slim, Kyoto Jazz Massive (4x) Jazzanova, DJ alex (3x), United Future Organization, tha blue herb... nice music scene here




yup, really like phish, but my fav band is DMB!! Ive got hundreds of live DMB shows. Lots of live allman bros, Govt mule, widespread panic, derek trucks, etc... Dont have any live SCI but would like to get some...

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DMB is a top band, no idea why they aren't really popular here, maybe cuz its not some cookie cutter j-pop crap, but hey cant really bag too much on the music scene here as have to say they get some great bands over and have some pretty good ones here. If you have interest would happily set up some kind of B+P trade some Phish, SCI, or Dead shows for some live Dave. I dont have any DMB live so dying to get my hands on some. Its tough as cant do trades in the USA anymore as dont want to do the overseas postage. Ill make that an open invite, anyone up for some live shows? Ill do a B&P to kick it off ill burn the SCI Fuji Rock shows (Sat and Sun) for either blanks and postage or a trade. Any takers?

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