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Introducing - BIGGER PHOTOS on Now! pages and Member pages

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  • SnowJapan Admin

You asked for it, and it was a good idea. So we've developed it.


From now on, on the NOW! pages and the MEMBER PAGES of Snow Japan, if you click on an image the original sized image in all it's (possible) glory will appear in a popup window.


So make the most of it by uploading pics to your member pages! We recommend around a maximum of 500 by 375 pixel size for images and ask that this facility is not abused by uploading huge MB images - keep them down below 100K please, and as small as possible. We will be deleting any unnecessarily large photos.


(PS if the image that appears in the popup is the same size as the image displayed on the page, that means the original size of the image is the one you see - it's not a mistake!)



Snow Japan

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