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I think it's great if you take lots of photos out in the field cos you can throw the pics on the iPod and keep taking photos instead of buying more memory sticks (like a dual purpose music player/photo memory thingy...).


However I wouldn't buy one specially for that purpose- I have enough SDRAM in my camera (at this point of my photographic career), plus I'm pissed that Apple have sold out on all the musicians who have been waiting so long for a recordable iPod... I'll keep my iPod but I'll probably wind up getting an iRiver once I need to start recording lots of live gigs again. I'll probably only use it recording but it's lighter and so much more convenient than using a DAT (forget MDs for sound quality). I had hoped that Apple could come thru for us, but I don't foresee it happening in future high end iPods either (well, not in the next 18 months) so I've given up hoping. Anyway I've winged enough about this particular peeve of mine throughout this thread so I'll shut up about it for now. Bring on the next iPods... I like the black, not sure about the red, but I wouldn't knock it back if someone gave me one...

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I'd wait on getting one of the newer ones as there seems to be an audio flaw in them..




iPod Photo manifests audio defect

After preliminary testing of our new 60GB iPod Photo hardware, iPodlounge has confirmed the presence of the same audio defect widely reported in the fourth-generation iPod shortly after its release. The defect can be heard in headphones when the iPod Photo's hard drive reloads its music memory buffer, and sounds like static accompanied by hard drive accessing noises, overlapping for several seconds the beginning of a music track.


As a reader noted in iPodlounge Backstage earlier this month, an almost identical problem has been reported, acknowledged, and addressed by Rio, the manufacturer of Carbon music players. Though iPodlounge provided two affected fourth-generation iPods to Apple in late July, the company has to date has had no official comment on or public solution for the defect.


Though we realize that few of our readers will have purchased the $599 60GB unit, we ask that those with iPod Photos read the prior reports and testing procedure, and add comments to this story's thread so that we can determine the scope of these issues. We note that the sounds appear to be more faint and intermittent in our iPod Photo hardware than in our 4G iPods, however, they can still be heard.

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life is good...I like being a student again (except for the perpetual brokeness...)...


just curious...aren't these things a musician would want??


gapless playback

multiple audio codecs (there are at least 5 I can think of that are well accepted...and most perform better than mp3 and acc)

parametric equalizer


let us not even get to features that everyone should want...and I don't think iPod does a good job (if at all) with the above...


iPod never catered to musicians...that would be to small a target group for Apple. and it certainly doesn't cater to audiophiles either.


and now for the plug...my Rio Karma does all of the above! yah



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What are you studying?


gapless playback - I don't need it.


multiple audio codecs - sure - iPod and iTunes support WAV and AIF I use these all the time on my iPod.


parametric eq - no necessary for me. If I'm going to do any serious listening I don't usually do that thru the iPod anyway, so precise eq isn't critical for me on iPod. If I listen thru a good set of monitors rather than headphones, I'll just play the music either directly from my computer thru Protools or iTunes or the original CD and EQ anything necessary either my external mixer or protools, but the mixer is fairly set up to give me a decent sound in my room. There are enough EQ preset settings on the iPod to suffice my listening needs, which are usually while travelling on trains, in cars, etc.... (though I must admit I tend to play things flat rather than use the eq presets cos you have to keep changing eq for different songs - which also would be the same with a parametric eq. If I playback thru someone else's stereo or system there's extra adjustment there.

I think that kind of eq is more for audiphiles rather than specifically musicians. Perhaps the same for gapless playback. , Though of course musicians needs will differ depending on what they do and what they'd use a player/recorder for. Someone doing DJ work from their iPod might want a gapless option for example.


I also find the small portable harddrive with Firewire a boon when tranferring files to different protools systems at different studios. Saves always having to carry an external drive around as well. USB2 is only available on newer Macs and many studios (and me too) are still running G4s with only Firewire.


And iTunes is great for converting files, even without an iPod. I sometimes have to convert mp3s to AIFs or WAV to burn CDs, and of course, vice versa.


I just took a look at the Rio Karma - it's nice and compact, but I couldn't see any line in. It also wouldn't suit me because I don't (yet) have USB2, so I'd need Firewire until my next computer upgrade. It seems to be good for the audophile, nice touch with the RCA outs.


So far the only thing I can see that has mic/line in is the iRiver (which you so nicely told me about somewhere way back when on this thread).

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hey sunrise...


I study aeronautics and astronautics engineering....but I tell the ladies I am rocket scientist cool.gif


as for the dap discussion...I am so amazed how apple has duped so many people into thinking "I don't need it" when it is a useful feature that can and should be implemented, and at no extra cost (check out the competition). Gapless playback is a great example...and battery life is another. It has taken iPod 4 generations to only get within 2-4 hrs of the competion...yup, they are still less than what others have to offer...


yuki..the rio karma is a 20gb player. You can probably find it for <$300...mind you, its not the perfect player, you need to decide what you like...but for all your dmb and dtb shows, ogg is a great format, and flac even better...and you probably really would appreciate gapless playback too...

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So other players do gapless playback? Doesn't that suck up battery life, I would have thought it would need more of the battery to be able to do that.

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Actually, the biggest hits to battery life occur whenever you need to access the hard-drive, or depending on the complexity of the codec (for example, .ogg uses more battery life, although it is a better codec than mp3 in terms of quality v. file size)


And yes, Karma does do gapless very well...and as for the battery hit, it stills performs longer than ipod ( I seem to get 12 solid hours on mine, with mp3, ogg, and wma all mixed in there )

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