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what's everybody listening to now?

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Boards of Canada - Twoism


in a similar vein - Autechre, Plaid


good stuff to have on headphones while working - moody/soundtrack-ey/interesting without being too distracting.


IMHO, all that rockin white stripes stuff has been done to death - they sound like the kind of thing i heard in pubs when i was 18... but that was quite a long time ago now... not very interested in rock since the acid-house daze(although i do quite like Placebo)

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geeze, and I missed that. I made a huge mistake. Them niggas know their stuffing.

what I am listening to now...


Karl Denson - jazz-fusion sax player...awesome!

albums: Dance Lesson #2 (my fav)

The Bridge (latest)

Chunky Pecan Pie (tight!)


Bob Marley - the one and only...never get tired

of him


Sound Tribe Sector 9 - organic psychedellic dub-

infused dnb with hints

of house...all played

with real

instruments...good stuff


Derek Trucks Band - A young slide guitar master..

been listening lots to recent live stuff, and his new album Soul Serenade... his previous album, Joyful Sound is one of my fav. albums of all time...



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hey goemen...


d. trucks is either 24 or 25 now...and he absolutely has made it...been the regular guitarist for the allman brothers band for like 3 years running now...that is impressive!


Ive got a few of his discs if you are interested...



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Madder, Tuning in, Easy, But I feel good, off LoveBox....Fogma, My friend, Join Hands, Likwid off 'Goodbye Country'. Also love the song of their first EP (?) "If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air" can't remember the song title. Love em'.......and great live too.

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I've been gettin into some new hip hop lately. I recommend:




Hieroglyphics' new album

Soul Position

People Under the Stairs


Aesop Rock

Sage Francis


Damn this looks like Monseur Spaaku's playlist.

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