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what's everybody listening to now?

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Originally posted by fukdane:
Thom Yorke - The Eraser

You like that. I heard it once and felt like throwing the CD player against the world it was so frustrating.
yeah I love it, but I have to be in a certain mood to listen to it.

I'm not sure what throwing a cd player against the world means?
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geeze, and I missed that. I made a huge mistake. Them niggas know their stuffing.

My player threw up a Crowded House song the other day and I've been going through some of their albums that I used to really like.


The The - Infected is another I am listening to again at the moment.


Lots of (decent) 80's/90's replays.

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Actually, these are a movies. Festival Express --A documentary of Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, The Band, and others travelling across Canada on a train to play different festivals in the summer of 1970. What else do I need to say?!! If you like the music and the era you will need to see this movie. I was still in the oven in the summer of 1970 and my parents were pretty square so I missed the Toronto show completely.


I also recently downloaded The Song Remains the Same, (to get the LED out!!) and Spinal Tap. Those two go really well together!

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For those RHCPs fans in Tokyo, ticket info:



3.23 (fri) 東京ドーム

OPEN 17:00 START 19:00

S-席-Reserved Seat:9,000YEN (adv.)

A-席-Reserved Seat : 8,000YEN (adv.)


On Sale at Ticket Bureau2.3 (sat) 10:00 ~

Ticket PIA 初日特電 (P : 不要) 0570-02-9995

2.4 (sun) 10:00~ (P : 249-067) 0570-02-9966

LAWSON Ticket 初日特電 (L : 不要) 0570-084-612

2.3 (sat) 18:00~ (L : 37323) 0570-084-003

e+【e+ ORDER】

CN PLAY GUIDE 初日特電 0570-03-9988

2.3 (sat) 18:00~ 0570-08-9999

チケットナビ【 ORDER】

エキサイトチケット【 ORDER】

SMASH 【 W E B 】 【mobile】

岩盤 03-3477-5701 / 11:00~店頭販売のみ

info : RHCP TICKET HOTLINE 0180-993-996


Good luck!!

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Pink Floyd Division Bell. Only the 2nd time I heard it after not being happy the first time when it was released. Slightly better this time.


I'm starting to listen to more of Gilmour and Waters material as well now.

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