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what's everybody listening to now?

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Be careful about his emo band recommendations though; he's like a little screaming girl about some of those all-boy bands sometimes...and then you listen to the music and are left wondering, "Does he just have a crush on the lead singer or something?"


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geeze, and I missed that. I made a huge mistake. Them niggas know their stuffing.

You're a little bitch.


If you want lessons on how to be the cool guy standing in the back bobbing his head, trying not to look like he likes the band too much... ask Goemon.


You get that CD player fixed yet or are you still stuck rockin the wheels of steel?

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teh endar: I may bob my head a bit cool.gif , but that's better than forming pixie circles at punk rawk shows (a la the Warped Tour).


I've been rocking the one's and two's lately while the cd player is in the shop (yes, it is being repaired). This has given me a chance to dig through my own vinyl some more.


To bring it back on topic, this is what I dug up recently in my analog collection:

Betty Carter

People Under the Stairs (new cuts)

DJ Format

Doctor Octagon (remixes of Blue Flowers)

DJ Food

lotsa samba

even some jam bands!

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Originally posted by enderzero:
btw - thx Ocean.
likewise to both of you.

some more random songs:

broken social scene - cause = time
(their entire album is fabulous)
bright eyes - lover i dont have to love
calendar that hung itself
the cooper temple clause - promises promises
ash - starcrossed
vampire love
ben kweller - on my way
the shins - so says i
dealership - tv heat

i wish i was going to fuji rock this year. the lineup looks rather fantastic.
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Some examples of Jam Bands would be the likes of Greatful Dead, Phish, Allman Brothers, Black Crows, Dave Matthews, etc... Your average band releases a CD and maybe a standard song is 4 minutes. Jam Bands would make that 4 minute song 10, 15, or 20 minutes by adding improvised jams and solos - hence the label Jam Bands. Try downloading a song from one of those bands and maybe youll get a better feeling for what Im saying.


Back in college I was really into 311, but their live songs sounded no different from their studio release - Boring... I think there are two types of artist: studio and live. I prefer the latter. Hope that helps out some!

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some example tracks by dave matthews:two step, all along the watchtower, jimi thing, #41


Allman Bros: In memory of elizabeth reed, statesboro blues, blue sky


Ill let Danz and other members who listen to this style handle some other bands and songs cool.gif


other Jam Bands: Derek Trucks Band, moe, String Cheese Incident, Jazz is Dead, Widespread Panic, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (great band!)

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I bought 4cds today.

Ruben Gonzalez, Bebo Valdes. They are great pianist!

Gravenhurst. Great acoustic sound.

In The Fishtank??. Sounds very interesting. \:\)

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i hit up disk union on monday and bought


of montreal - coqueilot asleep in the poppies: a variety of whimsical verse.


yo la tengo - i can hear the heart beating as one


the cooper temple clause - see this through and leave



all great records. the first two are really cool and relaxing, if you like built to spill, beulah, death cab - you might like yo la tengo and of montreal.


the coopers are a good british band. not that special but good all the same.

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A friend of mine is in a musical based on - get this - Showaddywaddy (or however you spell it! - and so I've been listening to them a bit recently. They ROCK! (a bit)

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