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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.


Got given it for Xmas last year as my mum thought I needed to read more fiction. read the first few pages a few times but it didn't seem like my style..

since last week I have been glued to this book.

I am going to finish it now!...


Once I start a good book, I really can't get anything done till it's finished...

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Originally posted by soubriquet:
Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, by Isabella Bird.

On-line here:


A formidable Victorian Lady's account of her travels through Tohoku. She has a sharp eye and a clear mind.
Really good book. Apparently, Japanese people used to love their kids, and beat their horses.
My mom sent me `America-The Book` by John Stewart and Co.
I peed myself. It was so funny.
Well, i didn`t really pee myself, but if i had a full bladder when i read the `Pin the Robes on the Naked Supreme Justices`, i probably would have.
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i borrowed the tale of genji from my school a little while ago.


it's currently being used as a doorstop (it's a brick!) but i hope to crack the spine sometime over winter.


has ANYONE read the whole thing? (& i don't mean just on this forum, but in general? or is it like the japanese war&peace?)

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The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick


Just finished that. It was brilliant! The book is set in a world where Japan and Germany won the second world war and both occupy the states.

All the characters use the I Ching, a book called the oracle which gives advice on the present. I am checking that out now. It's pretty cool. I asked the book (the I Ching) what type of winter I would have, threw the coins and it told me that if I rode with people better than me I would have good fortune. Yeeha!

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I just finished the last book of Neal Stephenson's Baroque Trilogy (which I mentioned starting back in Spring of 04). I have read a bunch of other stuff in between, but it was a strange event to close a narrative thread that has been running through my life for almost 2 years.

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Our Stolen Future by Theo Colborn...


Should be compulsory reading for all.


Hormone mimics = "The troubled people in the world"


Have to read Silent Spring next - It sort of passed my list by over the years.

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