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anyone remember this?...


Milk... Ugh...


It's what Ian Rush drinks..


Ian Rush?


Yeah.. and he sez if I don't drink lots of milk, I'll only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley'


Accrington Stanley, who are they?


Exachtly!! Nah get off


Gimmee Some...




Gimmee SOME!!!

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I used to have a football grounds of the UK book that had a picture of their home ground "Peel Park" in the 1960s. It looked it had been named after what had happened to most of the paint.


Milk is chillin

Gizmo's chillin

What more can I say?

Top billin!

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There are only ones that beat Bolton. I`m unaware of any other reds of significance!

Unfortunatly, like the snow, we are sadly underachieving this season, so far. I`m banking on both taking a turn for the better from now on. ;\)

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Have yer SEEN the draw!?!

Man u get Rotherham or Northhampton and there we are facing the geordies. Dammit. mad.gif


And don`t you find the commentator they have on just the most annoying, boring, repetitive ejit?

I have to turn the sound off.

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