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01 The Queen's favourite seat

1 Crash since Concorde first took to the skies, in Paris in July 2000

1 Mile travelled every three seconds

2 Hours 52min 59sec. The fastest Atlantic crossing on February 7 1996

4 Rolls-Royce/Snecma Olympus 593 engines that give more that 38,000lb of thrust each

6 Cabin crew

7 Concordes in BA fleet

10 Times the actress Joan Collins has flown on Concorde

20 Number of Concordes

70 Number of round-trip transatlantic crossings taken per year by the current most frequent flyer, an oil firm executive

100 Passengers per flight

204 Feet from tip to tail, but that stretches between six and ten inches in-flight

800 Pounds spent on biscuits by Justin Cornell at Tesco in order to get air miles for a flight on Concorde

1,350 Miles per hour cruising speed at 60,000ft

5,000 Hours of testing before it was certificated for passenger flight - making it the most tested aircraft in history

25,629 Litres of fuel used an hour

50,000 Flights completed

140,000 Total flying hours, more than 100,000 of them supersonically

1,000,000 Bottles of champagne consumed since passenger flights began

2,500,000 Passengers flown

140,000,000 Miles travelled

0 Flights remaining. The end.

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It was a joke. I'll have to label them more clearly in future.


It's part of my new career of claiming to be a member of a little-known branch of the English Royal Family and gulling people out of billions of yen for the thrill of knowing me. I frequently used Concorde to visit my cousin, the Duke of New York.

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:rolleyes: cool. Next time can you get some nice royal family t-shirts with the union jack on. Failing that, get me the complete Royale Family DVDs lol.gif lol.gif


Any non-brits ever seen The Royale Family. (Any non-scousers for that matter....). Hilarious stuff.

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Originally posted by mina2:
What are they gonna do with the planes now? Take them apart of have them as museum pieces or something??
auction them off at Christies (parts anyway), some dude laid down $560000 for the nose cone!
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