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I just saw a fine purple one-piece snowsuit...

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I was up at the Salvation Army looking at used clothes with my sis this evening. And guess what they've got!


A purple one-piece snowsuit with cinchable waist for only $9!! It's US men's size L.


Darn, I am torn on this one. That would make a great impression here at Alpine Valley.


If anybody on this board is really interested, I could pick it up for you and mail it.


Maybe this post should be in the Classifieds thread, but the item isn't mine and I'm not looking to make any money on it. I just think a disgusting purple one-piece snowsuit should not rot on a hanger somewhere, when there are stylish L-sized skiers & boarders in Japan with important places to ride but limited fashion choices.


It would have been my Xmas present to Mogski, but he's XL size.



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