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On nights when you're just in at home, not out on the town or meeting friends or anything, WHAT DO YOU DO?


I do a mixture of some of these things:


- use the computer

- read

- watch a movie or tv

- listen to music and chill

- go to the swimming pool

stuff like that...


Not particularly exciting, I'm just wondering what everyone else does on a boring weekday night??

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Pretty much the same here. I'm such an early riser (4:30-5:00am) that I don't have too many options after work. It's either:


-Go surfing (but usually not during Dec/Jan/Feb)

-Work on videos (especially this time of the year)

-Chat with insomniac friends back in the states on MSN



-Watch a movie. I've done a lot of renting this week. Some real stinkers too. I did watch SWAT tonight and for some reason enjoyed it.


Nothing much exciting here either. Heck, I'm in bed usually by 9 \:\)

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- Cook food

- Download movies/survivor/xbox games

- play xbox games

- watch sky tv (usually movies or fox)

- shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag


I can't get it together to read or study japanese at home, its just a habit thing.


Cooking is a new one for me, but I love it cos its interactive and has room for creativity. Plus theres some kind of intellectual challenge in working out how to cook things right, and how to improve stuff etc.

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Originally posted by A Very Boring Man:
Get up at 4:30 - 5? eek.gif Any particular reason? I struggle getting up at 7:30

Apart from that, pretty similar. I like to cook as well.
I like to use the daylight. It gets light early up here, especially with no daylight savings. During the late spring/summer/early fall, it's light at 4am or so. That's dawn patrol time (surfing). In the winter, I get up at 4 or 4:30 to go ski on the weekends. I just keep it up during the week too. Go in at 6am, get out of work around 3pm. Gives me some light when I get home to play with the dogs or go to the beach or whatever before the sun sets.

Shoot, it's past my bedtime now \:\) I'm out of here \:D
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What does 'chill out' actually mean?


Isn't that just a histrionic way of saying 'I do sweet f*ck all', but trying to make yourself seem like something of a dude in your free time?


Personally I like to read a difficult book about generally unhappy happenings, smoke a cigar, enjoy women dancing with no clothes on, or visit my favourite bar and chat with the barman. But I never chill out because I don't know what that is.

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No, that's called getting stoned. You do that and watch Jackass and give yourself hemarrhoids from laughing. But I don't know what this 'chilling' thing is. Do you have to keep the fridge door open or something?

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I spent about one year on St.Croix (u.s.v.i).

Whenever you met one of the local rastas, and asked how they were, they were almost always answering "im chillin' out" (have to say it with cruzan accent)

always hot there, locals are often to be found under large trees that offers shade. Most rastas are very friendly with maryjane.




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We are all rebelious types now aren't we.



I go swimming recently 3 times a week, feeling real good for it too.

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Usually go running up in the mountains to check on my babies...I always look forward to Harvest time - theres nothing better than reaping what you sow, eh? clap.gif Am also a fine collector of glass \:D


Read books, go for swims, study, play Xbox, relax with my girl, drink a few pints at my local watering holes, chat with friends, watch the variety shows on TV like Sanma, Downtown, 99, London Boots, etc...

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