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I thought the stix were light for a pow ski?

not as heavy as head 103s and that. I met a guy last year that toured fast on im103s with trekkers and race din14 binders. Dude mached up the mountain in a way I could only dream. This guy though ski bummed alot in France and Japan was just a place to bag biglines.

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the big stix are pretty light. mounted with marker bindings, they don't weigh much more than my powairs with rossi axial bindings.


oops, my whole point for replying to this thread was to say that my g3 skins had no problem hooking over the tips of both sets of skis, but i just remembered that touque's big stix are a season newer. anyways, my skins were bought to fit my powairs (before i got the 106 bigstix) and i have to admit, they aren't all that great on my bigstix. they do let me get up a slope, but there is sometimes a bit of sliding involved. having said that, i still need a bit of practice with the whole setup lol.gif

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doesnt your hubby use G3s?


if he does adjust them and do a small test climb you will like it much better.


with narrow skins you should break trail cause you wont slip as much.


Toque Im sure wants to book it up the ridges so he would want wider skins for those skis.


Has it snowed up there yet?

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dudes, it's like the fattwins/toque show up in here. wish i could be there. stuck in true flatlands.


damn, i'm jealous of the dude with 3 brand-spankin' new pairs of volkls. just got me the 02-03 v-pros.


alright, to business. fattwins or toque-- you guys got any friends in the whistler area who like to go bc? i'm heading there dec 11-19 and wanna get at least a day or two in the bc. suggestions?

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yo crazyski!!!


you gonna be in whistler in dec?? well, if all goes well I might be finished with my avie course by then...and also finished with my quarter...


make a pitstop in seatle and we can sneak in some turns!



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Hey there Crazy. Good to see you on here again. Med school let you take a little break I guess.


Have fun in whistler buddy. I wish I could be there to show you some good runs.


You going to meet up with Matt and I in Kirkwood next Feb/March


Maybe I'm just a big wet pussy about the bigstix. When I lift them they seem really heavy. But then I guess I'm compairing them to my new touring setup :rolleyes: Silly me.

My bindings might also be weighing me down quite a bit. They look pretty heavy. I should transfer my 1080's marker bindings over to the bigstix.

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ah, danz. checked out your blog through asia. lookin' good. i had a blog, too, but it was barely updated. oops.


you as bummed about being in school as i am? actually, i'll be in seattle december 9-11, then i'm heading up to whistler with chelsea clinton's stanford roommate and a former Seattle Seahawk (among others). The crazy people they let into med school in chicago...


i'll be in whislter til the 19th -- we gotta meet up.


and about kirkwood, toque, make it the third week in march and i'll be there.



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well I hope chelsea's roomate is more of a looker than chelsea ;\)


send me a pm before you hit seattle...we should at least grab some beers...and if you have room on the floor for me at blackcomb, I will bring gandalf and a sleeping bag (I am so broke \:\( )

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Just think in about 8 years the doctor will be rolling in cash. Not skiing much but rich as hell.


The wizard riding nuke making rocket-man will have enough money to bank roll a county by then.


You poor learning bastards. My wife wishes I was as motivated as you guys.


Toque the demo binders are the same weight as the damn line binders.

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6 years and counting for the doctor-making-big-bank thing...


3 1/2 years left of med school, 3 years of residency in ER, then its a fully transportable position with decent pay and no responsibility outside shift hours (except for all the times you get sued frivolously)


but before that i'll be US$200,000+ in debt. YAY for modern American medicine!


wizardman, i'll be sure to send a pm soon.


fattwins, i'll talk to dane soon


toque, learn how to spell...and thanks for the pics.


and one last thing.

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Hey Skibeaver.


How are the Gotamas? I'm thinking of using them with tele bindings, but I'm more leaning toward the K2 Hippy Stinx at the moment. My guess is you'd have to have seriously deep pow for the Gotamas to be needed. Your thoughts?


Cheers. K.

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Report from September / October in Oz:


Rode the 04/05 190cm Gotama's in a foot of fresh snow yesterday;


My previous experience with fat skis was the Movement thunder at 87mm waist and my volkl V-Pros at 83mm.



They are seriously weapons in the powder!


Tight trees, can do jump turns on them too, they are lighter than my v-pros, although they can get heavy with a lot of snow build up on the tops of the skis.


My first runs on them were just going straight on powder and just getting the feel for how they flexed, then I started rolling them in some turns and they do hook up quite well.


I can lean rightback and it feels like I am skiing on the ends of the tail, it is a pretty soft and forgiving back half of the ski, you can lean back and still be turning.


Things got a little cut up so I tried them out at mach speed to see how they plow through the crud - it was all still soft but there was no sign of them being deflected or being thrown around - they just plow.


I tried some short turns out and I found it quite easy to do short radius turns on them - surprisingly.


They do feel wide :rolleyes: , I had them carving at pretty high speeds and could do rail turns as well but you know that to bring the next turn around you have a lot of ski to turn over.


Did a couple of jumps on them and cornice drops and you can actually feel the air underneath the ski - they feel stable on landing.


Skiing switch on them was interesting, I am pretty sure they ski faster switch than my V-pros or even 724 EXP's not sure why (anyone help explain it) but they feel great switch.


More reports to follow next time I ski them but overall I am very impressed with them.

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