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Just bought the new Beastie Boys

"To the 5 Boroughs"

i'll give it 5 of 5 (stars, flags, whatever)

Hip Hop - rap fan or not, give this album a chance.

Dangerous, brave, funny, serious!

groovy, funky. packed with ultracool samples and beats. Lyrics are world class.

Try something new, buy an album for a change!



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Originally posted by scouser:
I heard 1 track on the tv - it was utter shite. As expected.
You like that bollocks? ;\)
Yeah I do. A lot. So pull ya head in ;\)

And gg, no not lucky, just skillful, and legends of the game. So I'm giving them the respect they deserve. They are "goo" enough as you put it \:D
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