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Greetings, my fellow snow-loving SJ members! I was in hiberation mode during summer but I'm back. Not sure if anyone of you have heard but over here in Cali Mammoth Mountain opened last Thursday and I'm heading up there this Friday!! \:D Originally the resort was planning to open on the 11th of next month but we've been blessed with unseasonably cold weather this month.


I first heard about the "rumor" from one of my co-workers last Tuesday. At first I was doubtful but after checking the live cam on their website (www.mammothmountain.com) I was in shock and my jaw almost dropped to the ground. It was friggin' storming up there...EVERYTHING was covered in white! eek.gif I'm not talking about only the upper part of the mountain or certain trails. The entire resort was blanketed by fluffy, white pow pow! \:\)


Now I'm actually a little concerned whether my Toyota will be able to make it up there if there's another blizzard this weekend. Mammoth got 2 more inches this morning and the forecast calls for more snow tomorrow and Wednesday. Thank goodness I'm all set for this coming season gear wise (all I'm waiting for now is Burton's new Rail Guard...nobody seems to carry it yet).


Anyway, I'M SO THERE!!


How's Hokkaido looking for you guys?



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