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The Ultimate FOOTBALL Thread (04/05)

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ManYoo may have failed to score this weekend, but Deadly Diego Forlan banged in three against Barcelona.


He's second top scorer in La Liga with twenty-three, only two behind Eto'o.

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He just didn't fit in. He did have his moments though, one painful memory of his banging in 2 against a hapless Dudek a few years ago.


Anyway, on to the last and most important match of the season.... \:D

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The final is on live on ordinary Japanese TV. Woohoo! Since its on very late, we'll probably be spared from talento making stupid comments. 3:30am start tomorrow night, or Thursday morning if you prefer.


Come on the Reds!

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I do too. I'll get up to watch it.


On a sadder note, Carroll apparently will sign for United. Nooooooooooooooooo! We want a new GOOD keeper. \:\(


I think Fergie might well be going a bit nuts.




And this too


Manchester United supporters fear the interest Malcolm Glazer will pay on the money needed to buy the club will lead to Old Trafford being sold.


Glazer has revealed details of his formal offer document, showing a succession of steepling interest charges taking the approximate overall cost of a £265million loan to a massive £570million.


Shareholders United chair Nick Towle said: "He could find someone else to borrow money from, but who would lend him more money? The other option would be the sale and lease-back of the ground."


On top of his loan, the American has to pay back a bridging loan of £18.9million by March next year and another £90million as a credit and capital expenditure facility, which had never previously been mentioned and could be used to fund the much-heralded stadium expansion.


There is still another £275million in preferred securities, which it is anticipated he will refinance almost as soon as the deal is done.


Fans fear the result will be a debt that could creep towards £1billion, particularly when the administration costs from banks are taken into consideration.


Towle added: "This is frightening and nightmarish.


"No-one has a clue how this will work, it seems impossible and ridiculous."


Selling Old Trafford would mean losing the club's most valuable asset, only to pay the new owners money to use the stadium to play games.

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Your support is touching.


Line up? A winning one will do. \:\)


As long as Gerrard, Carragher, and Hyypia are there and in good form I'm open to any magic that can be seen to.


I'm sure I read somewhere about Kewell behind Cisse. Now I'm not sure about that one....

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Yes Fuji TV




2005年5月26日 3:35~5:45

<FOOTBALL CX>~UEFAチャンピオンズリーグ04/05 決勝







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Way back from the beginning of this thread, makes for an interesting read now we know how Deadly the guy is.


TODAY WE EXPOSE A shocking security breach at Manchester United in which one of our reporters was allowed to get inside Old Trafford and wander freely around the pitch on Saturday afternoons.


The reporter, Diego Forlán, was able to impersonate a footballer for more than two years when a simple check on his credentials would have revealed that he was clearly unqualified for the job.



United claim that Forlán was properly vetted, yet even the most basic assessment of his ability would have shown that he should not have been allowed near the club and that he represented a real threat to the team’s title hopes.


We can tell the incredible story today after Forlán was ushered out of Old Trafford at the weekend. A Hairdryer spokesman said last night:


“Not only should it have been obvious beforehand that our reporter was a bogus applicant for the job, he has continued to be employed despite clear evidence that he does not possess the appropriate skills.


“We thought the game was up when he failed to score in his first 26 appearances for the club. We were preparing to whisk him back to his job on our features desk, yet still United didn’t detect the scam.”


United did not pursue the reference mentioned on the CV that we prepared on Forlán’s behalf. Had they done so, they would have been told that he was “probably only good enough to play for Stockport County reserves”.


Instead he was given the £1,000-an-hour job as a footballer, enjoying free access to the United dressing-room and the chance to enter the pitch at 3pm on a Saturday.


However, police on duty at Old Trafford claimed they did have their eye on Forlán. A spokesman said: “There was something suspicious about him as he ran about, but since he never actually did anything we just left him.”

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Wow incredible turnaround that was. It really looked like Liverpool were going to get embarrassingly trounced on 6-0 at half time, didn't it?


Well done! Congratulations.....! clap.gif (I'll get back to being jealous soon)

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Just got back in after a boozy night, a very sobering first 45 minutes clap.gif


Amazing! It's not sunk in yet.


I just wish I was back in Liverpool with my mates last night and for the homecoming, that will be mad.


Got to go to bed now and get some kip. See yous later.



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The greatest moment of my football (watching) career clap.gif


Hamman - HERO

Smicer - HERO

Gerrard - HERO

Dudek - HERO

Riise - HERO

Carragher - HERO

Alonso - HERO

Garcia - HERO

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Kewell - HERO!


(Well, it was Leeds getting to the semis a few years back that earned the fourth qualifying spot for English clubs)


What a wild match! Liverpool are the ultimate Jeckyl and Hyde team.


First Greece, now Liverpool. Champions of Europe. As Greavsie would say, it's a funny old game.

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