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The Ultimate FOOTBALL Thread (04/05)

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New Premiership Season deserves a new thread I think.


All previous footie talk can be found HERE!



Here's my prediction






Looks familiar.

Only shock maybe Manures slide down the table.


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The problem now is that even if theres a few weeks at the beginning where Man U have a selection crisis, but the time things get better theres a chance the top 2 will be running away with a huge lead thats difficult to catch up. Feeling a bit pessimistic here, real bad start to the season \:\(


How can so many players be injured before the flippin season starts? That just sounds crazy to me. mad.gif

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You reckon he'll be back at the weekend? Even if he did play it would more than likely have to be out of his best position which is probably not a good idea. Surely you guys can stuff Norwich in the first home game of the season without wonder boy?

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I'm feeling good about the coming weeks now for my team. Injury problems are clearing up and Smith is looking like a great buy so far. I wonder if Wazza will be in a red shirt by next week.




Just think how many prostitutes he can bag for 90K a week. eek.gif

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rach, seen this?


lol.gif lol.gif


TODAY WE EXPOSE A shocking security breach at Manchester United in which one of our reporters was allowed to get inside Old Trafford and wander freely around the pitch on Saturday afternoons.


The reporter, Diego Forlán, was able to impersonate a footballer for more than two years when a simple check on his credentials would have revealed that he was clearly unqualified for the job.



United claim that Forlán was properly vetted, yet even the most basic assessment of his ability would have shown that he should not have been allowed near the club and that he represented a real threat to the team’s title hopes.


We can tell the incredible story today after Forlán was ushered out of Old Trafford at the weekend. A Hairdryer spokesman said last night:


“Not only should it have been obvious beforehand that our reporter was a bogus applicant for the job, he has continued to be employed despite clear evidence that he does not possess the appropriate skills.


“We thought the game was up when he failed to score in his first 26 appearances for the club. We were preparing to whisk him back to his job on our features desk, yet still United didn’t detect the scam.”


United did not pursue the reference mentioned on the CV that we prepared on Forlán’s behalf. Had they done so, they would have been told that he was “probably only good enough to play for Stockport County reserves”.


Instead he was given the £1,000-an-hour job as a footballer, enjoying free access to the United dressing-room and the chance to enter the pitch at 3pm on a Saturday.


However, police on duty at Old Trafford claimed they did have their eye on Forlán. A spokesman said: “There was something suspicious about him as he ran about, but since he never actually did anything we just left him.”

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Sickening isn't it, absurd amounts of money.


On Owen - a few different views. One is ok we got SOME money out of him, more than if he left next year for zero and he is maybe past his peak. The other is what a bastard the way it happened. Another of course is that he wasn't as good as many people thought in the first place, so cann't be fussed.


Anyway, a night of footie on the telly awaits. The beers are in the fridge...


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about owen, i dont get why they didnt re-sign him and then sell him. 8 million is a steal, he is still well young. i am also a bit suprised he has even gone there, he is gonna be on the bench all season unless there are some injuries.m i think he is overrated but still youd think wed have got more for him. i am in the anti owen camp i have to admit, have been for a while.


whats the story with the player that came in as part-ex. nunez? is he any good?

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Ferk knows what's happening at Newcastle.


Robson out and Shearer plus a.n.other (Beardsley?) in this week is the biggest rumour now. It looks like Robson's seen his last game. The chairman is already wheeling and dealing without telling him. If it's Shearer next, expect Dyer and Bramble to go in January.


Our building society sponsor have put up the money for Rooney as a special deal given the publicity that bid will get. That money isn't for anyone else. If we get him, I personally would expect Shearer to retire. He can't keep up with open play anymore, esp not with Bellamy. Personally, I reckon we should go all out to get Rooney if we can. Newcastle have a massive (full) stadium and don't have big debts, so the Leeds comparison isn't really valid.


There are various conspiracy theories about the Rooney bid being a subtefuge either to get him to Man U for Fergie (in spite of the Man U board) or to get Man U to buy him now and pay more, with O'Shea or Yobo from Everton the payoff, or alternatively as simply a smokescreen to placate the fans after losing Woodgate. Some say we wanted Morientes for Woodgate but he wouldn't leave sunny Spain for the toon.


We've got a great squad on paper, so we're crying out for a better coach/manager. One decent center half, hopefully an old pro type to bring on our England U-21 reserve Stephen Taylor and not another Woody-Rio-bling-bling merchant, is really all we need. The rest is just organisation and getting the players to play to their potential.

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Looks like Liverpool and Manchester United will be in the bottom half of the table this season too
Liverpool maybe.

We'll (prob?) sign Rooney tomorrow (why oh why would he sign for Newcastle - no offense meant Mr Wiggles ;\) )..... giving us 4 great strikers, just like in 99.

Ruud'll be back soon, as will Rio.

Just you wait...... :p :p :p
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About Newcastle:




UNDER-PRESSURE Newcastle United boss Sir Bobby Robson is fighting for his managerial life after yet another bust-up.


Robson, who will this week hold crisis talks with his rebel stars, is facing the biggest test of his 37-year managerial career after an angry exchange with disgruntled skipper Alan Shearer.


Robson axed Shearer for yesterday's 4-2 defeat at Aston Villa and that sparked an immediate protest from the former England captain.


Shearer has already insisted he isn't willing to sit on the bench in his final season as a player.


Robson, however, is confident his action will have no repercussions. He said: "The balloon always seems to go up if I drop Alan Shearer.


"Arsene Wenger rested Thierry Henry on several occasions last season and Alex did the same with Van Nistelrooy at Manchester United. Nothing's ever said when that happens.


"I wanted to have a look at Patrick Kluivert and the decision seemed right to give Alan Shearer a rest."


The row is threatening to overshadow Newcastle's bid to land Everton's Wayne Rooney and 」3m Celtic target Bobo Balde.


Shearer made his views known forcibly when Robson told him he was being left out and there will be some straight talking between the two Geordies when the manager delivers some home truths to his rebellious squad later this week.


The veteran manager's authority has been challenged by Kieron Dyer's refusal to play wide right at Middlesbrough and striker Craig Bellamy's claim that he will quit the club if Rooney arrives at St James' Park.


Both Dyer and Bellamy climbed down from their original positions, but his biggest test will come with Shearer, the most powerful figure in the dressing room.


Robson's position is described as "precarious" by well-placed sources and a battle with Shearer could cost him his job - the fate that befell his predecessor Ruud Gullit, who dropped the former England captain in August 1999.


But Robson is determined to stamp out rebellion in the dressing room and will address his men at the crisis meeting.


He said: "I will pick and choose and chop and change and they had better get used to it. The players have to be prepared to be rested. It is my decision that counts. Craig Bellamy will honour his contract and that goes for everyone else. I choose the team.


"Ruud van Nistelrooy doesn't do that to Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, so why should Craig Bellamy be allowed to say that here?"


But Robson knows that to stay in the job he has held for five years he must quickly turn around Newcastle's season.


The feeling at St James' is that he will be given until the end of September to bring about an improvement in results.


The 4-2 defeat at Villa Park will ensure Shepherd asks Robson for an explanation of a dismal run that has seen the Toon win once in 11 games.


Shepherd doesn't want to sack the most respected manager in English football, but is fast running out of options.

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