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No, it's not a joke poll.


Why would they do that to themselves? Well they didn't, they did it to other people. So that they can stage a constitutional coup by terrifying the people, and then invade whichever oil producing countries they choose to, thus enriching themselves.


sachiko, have you never seen any TV programmes, books, articles or whatever in Japan that ask questions about the very strange things that happened on that day?

Here's a translation of some questions asked in the US;


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Not enough options for me to vote in this poll; it's far too weighted on either side of the potential truth. I certainly find the whole "truth", as presented by the authorities, full of holes and mystery. It does seem to have conveniently set up the ultimate excuse for the neo-facist...umm...I mean cons, yes the "con artists", to relentlessly pursue their agenda. I feel that quite a few crocodile tears have been shed and can almost hear the swishing of the war profiteers hands rubbing with glee.


There is a lot of evil in this world but things are not always what they seem. Anyone remember that sci-fi show "V"? How suprised will you be when GW finally pulls of his human skin mask to reveal a reptilian head? This may be a little far-fetched but if you believe those power junkies have our wellbeing at heart you're buying into an equally OTT fantasy.

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Typical content-free, knee-jerk ad hominem from Kintaro there. Alright, I may have completely lost it and you haven't, so maybe you could answer some of the evidentiary points. Maybe you can answer only the most basic questions.


The 'hijacking'

How do self-trained pilots fly with enough verve and skill to hit tiny targets at high speed while banking, and in the case of the Pentagon, involving a tight spiral?


The 'evasion'

How do 4 or more planes fail to be intercepted on one day only when other planes deviating from their paths before have regularly been intercepted before?

How does a hostile plane get through the automatic defenses of the Pentagon?


The 'collapse'

How do 3 steel reinforced buildings collapse in one day when no steel reinforced buildings have ever collapsed due to fire or anything before?

How do 2 steel reinforced buildings that were designed to take a hit from a plane collapse, when kerosene does not burn hot enough to melt steel beams?


The Pentagon

How does an airliner fly into a hole only the size of a large truck, then disappear completely?


The 'complete surprise'

The intelligence agencies of 11 countries including Britain, Russia, and Israel warned the US about it, as did the FBI. How could they have not known it was coming?


These are all simple impossibilities. If you look at the photographic evidence and the media coverage you can see the reasons for the collapses easily enough. There is far, far more evidence in favour of an alternative conspiracy, that is much more plausible than the guff offered by the government.


I look forward to your replies Kintaro. Try to get some substance in your answer, by reading some books first if necessary.

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Kintaro, in NY I saw (on mainstream TV) adverts that were privately sponsored attempting to spread awareness of the rather stunning inconsistencies in the 9/11 story. The ads called for the case to be re-opened. I was in the office of a very senior Managing Director in the large company that I work for. In his office was a TV that was on, behind the TV was a window that offered a view up town and a big gap where some buildings used to be. Our company occupies the entire building at number X Wall Street. When the 're-open 9/11' advert came on he called for a few guys to come into the office. They all laughed and the steel shutters came down so fast you could hear them slam shut.


I do not know to what extent the US government was involved in 9/11, but if you think they are shooting straight, you are a misguided and awfully unaware individual. But then, you were mates with Plu.....


Look at the wing span of a passenger plane. Now look at the width of the hole in the Pentagon. Then consider that one of the most explosive parts of a commercial jet is it's wings as that is where so much fuel is stored (remember why that Concorde blew up? A bit of tire rubber hit the wing). Why are there no marks on the Pentagon from two very long exploding commercial airline jet wings? How hard do you think it would be to fly a plane into a low rise building like the Pentagon without touch the ground first, or skimming over the top of the building. A perfect hit? very hard without the aide of computer approach software. My sarcastic guess is that there is no approach software available for a non-existent landing strip that has the Pentagon in the middle of it. My guess is that there is more to this story than you think.

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Very persuasive response Kintaro...


So you buy the 'amazing incompetence all round except by the flight simulator Saudis' conspiracy then. Fair enough.


But doesn't high level and fatal incompetence really bug you? I mean, wouldn't you expect major professional negligence to carry a certain price? Well, it hasn't in this case ... odd really, when you think about it ... Oh dear, that's another question you won't be able to answer.

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rossrider, have you read "The New Pearl Harbor" by David R. Griffin? It has the most comprehensive overview of the evidence and suggestions about the range of culpability. It's quite academic in tone.


Rather dramatic video including two large, identical demolition charges going off on the right of one of the towers.


That's how you make a steel reinforced tower collapse.

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Originally posted by Ocean11:
rossrider, have you read "The New Pearl Harbor" by David R. Griffin?
No I haven't, but the title alone sounds interesting.

Nice video, though I've never been that trusting of pictures and video myself. Particularly the 5 frames released of the 757 crashing into the Pentagon. These really don't show enough to support either the "757 was real" theory, or the "no plane was there" theory. Makes you wonder if the true intent is to distract us from something else by creating huge debates focusing on these two aspects. Why else would these frames have date/time codes of Sept. 12?
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All to the evidence points to the Pentagon being hit by a missile and WTC7 being demolished. The Towers look like they may well have been demolished too.


For the gobsmacked among you, this type of thing has happened before. Armies have actually faked attacks to justify military action. The most famous example that Western people maybe know about is the Manchuria Incident where the Japanese blew up their own railway track, but the US has done it too. The Gulf of Tonkin incident (a fabrication) at the start of the Vietnam War, and the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty by unmarked Israeli forces pretending to be Egyptians to justify pro-Israeli US intervention both spring to mind.


That is to say nothing of the theoretical, in which you can include Operation Northwoods, "The Grand Chessboard", and the Straussian idea of the Noble Lie. Google them if you're interested.


Even if you take the official version at face value, everyone involved in National Security should still be locked up for criminal negligence. No responsibility has been taken for the attacks at all.

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Interesting stuff indeed, I too have not really read that much about all this and it's pretty much new to me. Thanks for the link - sure something to do at work tomorrow. \:\)

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Here is the website that is associated with the television advertising campaign. The organisation supporting this had funded some extensive TV advertising.




Ocean11 also posted a link some time ago to a speech delivered to a body in California. The American speaker directly stated that the US government were behind 9/11



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I have no doubts that they were deeply involved in it, but it may also have been more a case of they were very involved and they 'let it happen' rather than they actually 'did it themselves'.


Ocean, you've opened up a real hotspot there. The future looks scary.

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