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Just looked at the new trailer for War of the Worlds. Tom Cruise playing catch with his kid in the front yard, cute little girl looking in terror out of the back of a speeding car as dad tries to escape the martians, flashy special effects. It looked a bit like a cross between ID4 and Jurassic Park (what a suprise :rolleyes: ) Sorry to keep harping on about this but I'm really pissed off about it. Why couldn't Speilberg lays him hands of this one, or a least show some respect to the original storyline. Hollywood sucks arse. Is nothing sacred?


And don't tell me to wait and see how the movie turns out. Anyone can see after looking at the trailers the direction the "project" is taking.


Next they will be re-making Asimov's Foundation with a cast of tap-dancing Ewoks and a singing and dancing Jar-Jar-****ing Binks mad.gif I'm off to cool down a bit now.

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Have you seen the original recently?


It's hardly brilliant is it? I saw it a short while back and thought it looked pretty boring and very dated.


I think you're remembering things through those rose-tints.

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No matey, if you read my post correctly you will see I said the original storyline. By this I mean the book by H.G wells and the sounds, art and atmosphere of the "musical" soundtrack done in the seventies, as I have mentioned several times in earlier post. If you haven't read the book or listened to the album then you don't know what I am talking about. Yes the orignal movie looks dated, but I'm guessing that is because it was made frigging ages ago, sherlock ;\)

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Matey, if you don't like the direction "the project" (whats with the " " confused.gif ) is going, just don't go, verrrry simple. Oh yeah I presume you won't be going to or listening to etc anything else that dares mix with anything from the "sacred" (like the " "s?) past. Watson. ;\)

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It's a trailer.

They pick the bits that the masses will like.

It's a trailer.


And indeed, they make the movie to be what the masses like. They are after all making the movie to make money, not for the laughs or to be dedicated to some prog-rock musical or whatever it is.

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No you are totally wrong. I am a big fan of people borrowing from the past, improving on things and adding to the legacy. That's fantastic. What I don't like is people using a classic name simply to make a generic hollywood blockbuster and get some more arses on seats. Surely you can understand what I am getting at?


Like it or not, this is a forum where people share there thoughts and feelings, which is what I'm doing. So nitpick away you puncuation nazi, I can't be ****ed explaining myself to you.

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Originally posted by bobby12:
Sideways = half decent, if a bit of a steal of Swingers and The Big Lebowski (which makes it sound much better than it actually is). Watch it if you are over 35.
I totally agree. I watched this the other night and it wasn't bad, but I couldn't help but think of Swingers through the entire movie.

Since I don't have any cable or TV reception where I live, I have been renting and buying a lot of movies lately. Most have been crap, but there have been some gems. Here's a partial lists

Finding Neverland
Garden State
Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle (great because it's a dumbass, but funny as hell comedy that had me rolling - maybe I identified with it too much?)

Good Movies:
Friday Night Lights
The Motorcycle Diaries (really enjoyed it, but something was missing to make it 'great')
Napoleon Dynamite

Take 'em or Leave 'em:
The Village
The Grudge
Meet the Fockers (only movie I've seen in theaters in 6 months)
The Forgotten
The Manchurian Candidate

I, Robot
Without a Paddle
Open Water
Mr 3000
Anchor Man
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Ladder 49
The Toolbox Murders

That's all I can think of for now. Seriously, 60% of the movies I've watched the last 6 months have been absolute garbage. Some I won't even finish and I can't remember the titles.

Three great 'older' movies I watched this week were 'Falling Down' (brilliant movie), 'Donnie Darko' and 'Midnight Express.' 'Half Baked' is always good for a laugh too \:D
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I wonder how the Peter (wow how much weight have I lost in the last year?!?!) Jackson version of King Kong will turn out, I am looking forward to that one.

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Just about everything Peter Jackson is involved with turns out good so I am looking forward to King Kong as well.


(There you go, not everything I write about movies is negative or requires ""'s) ;\)

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Pter Jackson is apparently doing an Adaptation of 'The Lovely Bones' after King Kong. Supposed to be a great book, so no doubt in his skilfull hands it will be a great movie too. Interesting concept if you haven't heard of the book: A young girl who was raped and murdered keeps watch from heaven over those she left behind, as they deal with her death.

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Kind of should be in a new shit movies this year, but do avoid Alexander. The only redeeming part is the rather sexy Miss Jolie. But still not worth it just do something better with your time and cashes.

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