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My grandfather comes from a small farming village and all his life his crops and the money he made from cultivating the fields were based on the weather. shifty.gif

At his time the weekly weather predictions were done mostly by astrologers, by applying the sophisticated method of “watching the birds fly” or the state of the art method for that time “if planet Pluto farted behind the shadow of Saturn it would rain”. confused.gif

He also said to me that around that time some really funny guys, that called their selves “meteorologists”, appeared and stated doing all kinds of weird staff with some useless electronic gadgets. He said that they (the meteorologists) were promising to everyone in the village that one day they will be able to accurately predict the weather, but the only thing their stupid gadgets did was to put fire on the crops by attracting lightnings on them! My grandfather was really pissed with them!!! mad.gif


Apparently these guys had some friends in the higher ranks of the government, and slowly replaced the astrologers from the task of predicting the weather. Nowadays they even made it to replace the ASTROLOGICAL WEATHER PREDICTION of the 9 o’clock news with the 9 o’clock news METEOROLOGICAL WEATHER PREDICTION. The B……..ASDARDS dare to take the bread from the honestly living astrologers!!!! eek.gif


Lately a new breed of meteorologists appeared calling themselves seismologists. They are putting everywhere some modern electronic gadgets that are useless in predicting earthquakes and insist that one day they will be able to predict earthquakes.

Thank God, for the time being astrologers can still give us accurate seismologic predictions. Be wary though and watch your back my friend. These guys might also have “friends in the government” and might try to oust you from the task of predicting earthquakes, that rightfully belongs to you.


My prediction my friend Rahul is that you should consider the possibility of jumping to another faculty of science because you are risking loosing your job in the future, when the seismologists gain more power. ;\)

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With this method of forecasting, what action would you have people take rahul. It seems the chances of accurate prediction are very low, but people might be shitting themselves if they believed it. What can people do to prepare other than have a torch, some food and water etc ready. ?

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you can view it also here: my yahoo photos


And something just for the record.


This pic displays all the seismicity above 5 magnitude M < 5 as recorded by JMA from 2004/05/29 to 2004/05/29. As anyone may notice there is a total of 145 earthquakes for a period of exactly one year. This means that there is one earthquake above 5 magnitude in Japan every 2.5 days!!! eek.gif

Good thing that Rahul isn’t also posting at the same rate, because this thread would be over flowed with nonsense by now.

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mr tsondaboy ,

yes you are correct i am not giving prediction as fast mag 5.0 earthquake occur in japan as u think \:\) .but as far as i am aware, according to u.s.g.s. site which doesnt show so many mag 5 earthquake occuring in japan ,i think there is some magnitude diff between japanese & u.s. system of measuring earthquakes confused.gif as far as my predictions are concerned i only predict earthquake which are more than 6.0 on richter scale .the last one which i predicted on 1 may 2005 of 5 on richter scale was just to make you people believe that i can predict earthquakes. for now i dont think there is any big quake in japan till sep 2005.i dont say that i can predict each and every earthquake but out of 5 big earthquakes which occur annualy in japan approx ,if i can predict 3 or 4,which i have done till now is more than enough ;\)

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