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SJ GIVEAWAYS - 10 lift tickets for HAPPO-ONE or TSUGAIKE KOGEN (Nagano)

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This week we have 10 one-day lift tickets, each of which can be used at one of the following resorts in the Hakuba region of Nagano Prefecture:



Tsugaike Kogen


There will be 10 winners and each winner will receive ONE 1-day lift ticket voucher.



10 lift ticket vouchers - 10 winners, each getting 1 voucher.


The tickets are NONTRANSFERABLE (ie. only the winner can use them).


23rd March - 31st March 2007


on.gif HOW DO I ENTER?

Go here! >> http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/special.php




More details about this Giveaway, including conditions and validity, can be found on the Giveaways page (above).


Please note that you need to be logged into SJ Insider to be able to enter the giveaway.


Snow Japan would like to thank Hakuba Alpen Resort for taking part in this Giveaway. More links to information on the Specials page.


Good luck to you all!

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I just received the free day pass I won for Happo - my Japanese is not great but it looks like the expiration date on the coupon says its good until 4/1 (April 1st). Can someone with better Japanese who has received one check this? Thanks!

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  • SnowJapan Moderator

If you look back at the email we sent you, you will see that the ticket is valid at Happo-one and Tsugaike Kogen until those resorts close this season, whenever that is. Their planned closing date is in early May.


We would not run a Giveaway with out-of-date and unusable tickets.


(The third resort that the same company owns and this ticket is usually valid at is already closed, and so we did not mention that resort either in this Giveaway.)



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fjef, do you think they'd send you a ticket that could not be used? And why not ask SJ, you know the ones who gave you the ticket and know what is written on it.


wakaranai.gif I just don't get some people.

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