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It's a bit late, but here are some pictures from Sapporo Yuki Matsuri - the Sapporo Snow Festival.


Unfortunately the few days leading up to the beginning of the festival saw rain and temperatures above zero. Some of the exhibits were looking decidedly second hand by the time the festival started.


Some of the topics were quite surprising. First up is Thomas the Tank Engine!





The melting snow was most apparent on the "smaller " sculptures







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Many of the sculptures were huge! They must have had hundreds of man hours go into them.


I liked the contrast of the boring commercial buildings of today with the ornamental look of yesterdays temple.





The level of detail that has gone into this sculpture was amazing. Even the small penguins were beautifully sculpted.









The best time was to go was at night. Some of the lighting was amazing.



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This image was also taken at the Snow Festival. This chick is in a bubble up on a snow stage playing music to the crowd.


I'm not sure why, but it was bizarre somehow. I guess because she was warm and dry while we punters were out in the wet, snowy cold, but quite able to see her play.




If I can figure out how I'll post a video link later.

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