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well, just to share my case - it happened when i was just learning to ski a year back...


i was doing long snowploughs in the beginners' barn in Naeba (in front of Bldg 2)... when this boarded just ram me from behind causing me to do a flip... my GF who was skiing from behind saw the whole thing...


the surprising thing is that he didnt stop, and went on to continue through the lift below...


what i did then was "crab walk" up and caught up with him at the top, and told him about it... do you know what he said? something like being my fault for doing turns!?!


i was thinking to myself - the only way i could have done a flip there was that he was moving too fast (in a beginners' barn), and that i definitely predictable since i was just doing snowploughs from the top, and that i didnt have eyes on the back of my head; and it was my fault!?!


since it was my second real day of skiing, i didnt know what to do...


but now, im more knowledgeable:


1. the first quick dial number in my cellphone is the number of the patrol of the resort im currently in

2. if you bump into anyone (or vice-versa), always get his/her full name and phone number

3. move to the side of the trail, and stay put until the patrol comes

4. make sure, if possible, to ski in pairs such that there are witnesses, etc.

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...and after you catch up to them, use your snow saw to cut them in pieces, put each in a different bag and then through each bag at a different ski resort with a tag on them "that’s what happens to people that crash on me"...

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Time to get mid evil




What now? Let me tell you what now. I'ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin' N%&@*&, who'll go to work on the homes here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch

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