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You want pics? I'm not pulling my camera out in that environment. If you are curious as to what the first major storm-day was like, stick your face up to your wall and stare at the whtie texture. Now imagine it moving, swirling, blowing and following no particular order. Now look for your feet. Can't feel 'em? That's becuase you're floating, like ice-cubes do in fizzy drinks.

Don't touch your face, your nose might fall off. It's amazing that you've been doing this for all your life, yet you still haven't learned how to dress for it. dumbass. I hope your office was more comfortable than the layers of fleece and goretex that did nothing to keep me from dreaming of longer runs. Tomorrow it's sillk and down before my goretex.

fleece... what a dumb idea that was. sitting on chairs in 70kmh winds watching your tracks fade behind the white is fricking numbing... and you want photos... please...

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