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ATMs that will work for foreign cards are Citibank and the ones at the Post Office.

The Citibank ATMs will give you an option of which account you want to withdraw funds from. The

Post Office ATMs wont work give you this option so if you put in a credit card that has other

accounts linked to it the ATM will just withdraw the money off the credit card.

It is a good idea to get a keycard soley for your savings account if you want to withdraw money

from it.

Before you leave Australia it is a good idea to change over some money so that you have some

yen as soon as you arrive. The vending machines that decorate Japan (1 for every 23 people)

take 1000 yen notes so try to get some of these when you change your money.

I recommend ordering the yen through your local bank rather then using a money exchange

agent, just for the better exchange rates. If you have internet banking you should be able to

order the currency online.

If you order currency, try to order say 59000 yen rather than 60000 yen. That way you will get

some 1000 yen notes.

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The international ATMs, especially the Post Office ones allow you to withdraw from your BANK accounts even if they are on your Credit Card. ie, you can withdraw from your using your credit card from your Savings account if it is linked on your credit card.


Also take plenty of cash. Denominations of 10,000yen are no probs as there is cash everywhere.


Exchanging your sterling at banks is a real ripoff, so avoid this at all means.

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The post office seem to have recently changed the way they structure their rates (well for sending money home anyway). I'm not sure if it works out better or worse than before, but it seemed worse. I need to sit down and work it all out.


The banks just seem to rip you off full stop.

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