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hey SJ family...


been a long time since I have checked in on here...hope you are all well and enjoying the snow. Well, actually, a quick browse on the forums and it seems you guys are hurting a bit this year. Keep the faith, I am sure the snow will pick up! (I will have gandalf send some positive vibes your way)


The pacific northwest has been getting pounded this year! We are currently in the middle of our second major storm cycle that has dropped about 115cm in the last few days (and still falling!).


Life is good on the snow here, and I have been getting my fill. On day 10 with 4 amazing days (3 of them in mid november!).


fattwins...you will be pleased to hear I am taking a level 1 avie course in jan. Very excited about that...





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yes, the winter beard is coming in nicely this season. Nice and warm for those windy snowy days.


toque...believe it or not, but the "little accident" was actually 2 seasons ago (time flies)...and I have fully recovered (was even riding last season too). Where are you located these days?? is mt. baker accessible for you? If so, we should hook up for some turns...



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