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We are 2 adults, 2 kids (9 & 11) looking to ski Japan's fields for the first time. Kids and Mum intermediate, Dad advanced and seeking powder.


We ideally want, not in any partic order:

1. pretty village atmosphere (for Mum!)

2. not too huge/spread out (hate long traverses or having to shuttle to get from one good run to next)

3. beg/int runs in close proximity to advanced (so we can swap kiddy care between runs without having to move mountains..sorry for the pun!)

4. a reasonable number of blue sky non-blustery days (so that the kids dont get too miserable)

5. somewhere where there is plenty of snow (by aussie standards I suspect that is everywhere right?!)

6. somewhere where the runs are long, the crowds are small and from what I have read on this forum, where the patrols are relaxed and the music PA system is broken!!


Not much to ask I know but any input greatly appreciated..By the way is it more of a travel hassle doing the plane/shinkansen/coach to Honshu's resorts or the two planes/coach to Hokkaido's?


Thanks Tessa

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I have been when there wasn't any fuss (a number of years ago) and when there was fuss (last season). I preferred it when there wasn't any fuss, but at that time it certainly deserved the fuss. Even though it didn't get much fuss back then. Now that it has lots of fuss, I don't think it deserves the amount of fuss it gets. But having said that it deserves some fuss because it is a great place.




(In short, I preferred it before but it's still a great place)

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