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By the way, anyone in Hakuba seen my beige corduroy cap (i-path brand with red circular logo on front, and a silver pin in the side of a boy with a bird on his head - a local sculpture).


FT seen it at yours? The day i came and painted maybe?


I think i may have lost it at Snowbeds or Masta Brasta that weekend... (the 25th/26th November...)


I hate losing hats.


There could be a reward if found! (beer!)

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ohh god having a great day here - so far i've left my wallet at home in my gym bag & had to call a friend and ask her to go around and check i switched my hair iron off...... fark! still don't know if i've left it on yet. that will teach me to drink more than half a bottle of wine on a skool night eh. ohhh the disorganisation.

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Originally posted by eskimobasecamp:
that reminds me! hmmm still need to buy a big camera don't i... really should get one. if i don't make the random trip home i have in my head, i can buy one. OK done, i'll buy a camera instead... too many parties i'd miss in hakuba anyway.
If you know which cam u want I can help you with that. I have a bit of 'negotiating' power at my local kitamura kamera
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well i've got FT on the phone telling me DONT go up there, it's gonna be icy. the lower 1/3 of the hills are grass, and there's been no new snow for days and days. it's been sunshine rain sunshine rain rain rain. doesnt exactly compare to last years never ending snow. will report back when i come back down.

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Weekend report:


Sat: Perfect packed powder on piste for carving on the top half OF What is open (ie. one run), and hard packed on bottom half of what is open.

Both fun.

The odd rock or dirt patch poking through on a cat track and holes around the edges of cat tracks to fall into / ollie over.


Sun: light small flake snow in the air - packing down into that marbly hard shiny snow that is easy to catch an edge on, on the lower run, and heavy snow on the upper run.


Both days fun. In an early season training kind of way, but injuries waiting to happen for beginners and the over confident. Hope it softens up for next weekend.


I took out new 153 twin and had some fun. Should be fun in the powder too.

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We'll see.


The nose and tail are both about as long as the tail on my set back stance Sansalone, so if that works switch in powder then this is easier - short nose doesn't matter so much as long as your moving reasonably fast - it's out, and short tail sinks no probs.


The shorty felt fine slashing through the choppy powder (20cm - 30cm only) patches between bushes yesterday.


I accept it won't be my first choice for waist deep, due to the difficulty of getting moving again when stopped, but it would work when moving..


All 'big mountain powder riders' should spend a day on a 154 twin in the powder, preferably all in the same place on the same day, and see who still rips lol.gif

That would be fun.

And you'd appreciate your big gun when you got back on it!

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