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I just got my Ski Mapple today with all the resorts in it and one of the first thing I noticed was the very useful "Non Smorker" Rank that they have for each resort. It goes from A - G.


A = can't smork anywhere, go away smorkers

G = no particular smorking rules, so smorkers welcome.


Very useful, especially for smorkers wanting to smork at a resort, and non-smorkers wanting to avoid smorkers.


(Can someone post that No Smorking sign on this thread again)

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i have the same book/mag sanjo is talking about.

a quick look through, the following resorts got As:




Saku Parada



Miyagi Zao Eboshi



Sapporo Kokusai


besdies karuizawa and kokusai, i've never even heard of these places.


the idea isn't bad though; it'll prolly be two or three years before the idea of grading business establishments on smorking takes hold.

a bunch of resorts got the grade of "X" lol.gif (info not avaible)


last year everyone posted the no smorking photo, and about a week later the resort in question changed ALL of their signs.... there were like 500 of them lol.gif let's english!

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I still remember stinking like a smorked kipper after eating lunch at Myoko. Every time I moved, a waft of stale tobacco stench blew up in my face from inside my jacket. It was horrible being in the big nature with the secondhand smork following me around everywhere.


It's good to see some value being placed on smorklessness.

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Originally posted by soubriquet:
Onikobe is a cracking little place in southern Iwate. It has the most varied and challenging terrain around here.
soub, lets Onikobe!
smork free of course.
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