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>This is not the place to mouth off against certain companies.


Im not sure what was said and in what way somebody "mouthed off" against DPT but if there was something negative about them why not be allowed to say it? Granted there is a tasteful way to do it but isnt this forum a way to gather information about places whether its good or bad?


>On the other hand it's also not the place to simply place links to your "favorite companies" / "friends".


There have been a lot of new foreign buyers coming into different resorts recently and there have been some long-term players as well. While I understand your comment about just posting about your "friends" places what is so bad about putting positive information about the various places people have stayed? I for one have stayed at many a foreign and Japanese places. Surely theres some value in that?


Seems you dont want people putting either good or bad information out? If you cant do it here where can you do it?


Not wanting to sound argumentative with admin so wave.gif

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but if there was something negative about them why not be allowed to say it?
Of course people are allowed to say negative things. It was more than negative. It was comments that could ultimately get us into trouble.

what is so bad about putting positive information about the various places people have stayed?
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  • SnowJapan Admin

Creek Boy, surely in all the time you have used these forums you know that we don't go round deleting everything all the time \:\)


The last 2 posts of that thread that we deleted were one person posting some obviously troll-like way over the top defamatory and abusive remarks about a certain company and the second one was someone who simply posted a link to another company without any accompanying comments whatsoever.


In the first case, apart from the comments obviously being totally unsuitable, things like this can ultimately get us (Snow Japan) into trouble - or at least create an 'issue' that takes a fair amount of time to resolve.


In the second case, it was just a blatant attempt by someone to direct readers of the forums to a company website - no comments, no reason, just a link.


Of course people are allowed to discuss positive and negative things - just as they have done up until now. When we think things go over the line though we might take action and I do not think we need to explain in depth or apologise for doing that.


Please remember in this case we didn't close the thread or delete it, just simply let people know what we did and why we did it as the thread seemed to be going downhill fast.




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i tried to figure out who did what but i cant find the deleted posters.


Here is the thing

You have



Deep Powder

Niseko Powder Conection

Ski Japan Speacialists

ETC etc etc

all going after pieces of the pie and soon to branch out I would imagine. All the same compaines connected to exactly the same wholesalers as well.


Of course you will have good and bad service with either/any company really at times. Here is the thing though for every bad point, there are usally 5 good points. The problem is people only speak when they are angry. Ok not only but the majority of the time its the lasting image.


As we tend to mostly live in Japan on this forum and or actually have been here quite a few times. we more than likely dont use these compaines anymore anyways.


One thing that ive learned about SJ and the forums is that they dont delete much. Yes they delete but this is not an NPO site. Also from the owner side of it now, I can see how one negative post could screw my whole season or scare me at least.


All that said I wish i could have seen the posts and who posted it cause it says alot about the member that did it.

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  • SnowJapan Admin

Just a few comments \:\)


We indeed do not delete much at all. (Heard that before? Well, I want to emphasise it so that newcomers see it!) But, when the line is crossed we will act as we see fit (even if it means upsetting one or two people).


Many of the regulars are living in Japan but we have a rapidly increasing readership who are not based in Japan. Literally many thousands of people are reading these forums ever single day and that number is increasing. Unfortunately, some people want to take advantage of that huge readership and will at times go to great lengths to try and do so. We feel a responsiblity to have a fair policy on how the Forums are run. People can say positive and negaitve things about whatever they wish, but the kind of comment that was posted earlier was way over the top and simply not appropriate for these Forums.


We are not under any pressure from any company or organisation to allow a certain comment or disallow any other comment. We make all the decisions. And we try to make them as fairly as possible with commercial considerations not being part of that. Whether a company is advertising on Snow Japan elsewhere on the site or not is not an issue (although we will of course contact people who we do have relationships with if we feel necessary). We try to do everything as fairly as we possibly can.


Another thing I would like to point out is that we (admin) can see things that regular posters cannot. Things like registration details, IP addresses, email addresses, account activity, past posts, etc. When an 'issue' arises on the Forums we often first look over that data and many times it helps us make a decision. Things behind the scenes are often more complex than they seem by just reading simply posts.

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I have had stuff deleted and never had a problem with it. In fact now I understand a little better how this place works I havent had anything deleted in a while - I best pull my finger out \:\) . This is the most tightly controlled forum re commercial activities I am involved in and from my perspective its cool. There are rules so lets be cool and stick to them, otherwise it is a real possibility the site could get pulled. I personally know of two hot rodding sites that were stopped due to threats of legal action.


Have a nice day - 26 sleeps to go, hopefully some of them will be good \:\)

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  • SnowJapan Moderator

The comments had nothing to do with you or your place Fattwins.


when the line is crossed we will act as we see fit (even if it means upsetting one or two people).
He's not kidding.


Got to say being involved the last few years I'm totally impressed with how this ship is run. We are all lucky we have SJ the way it is. clap.gif


This thread is getting a lot of attention isn't it? ;\)

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