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Thank you.


We started discussing what to do in late April and started initial work on the redeveloped Photos section around mid-May. From then through until mid-October there have been 2 programmers (sometimes 3), 2 designers (one making maps for the Maps section), myself and another colleague involved in getting it all together. We kept on adding to the specs and modifying things as we were doing it to make everything as good as it can be - all of these things take time of course. Maybe surprising, layout and the presentation of things takes almost as long as development of the actual functionality.


We are still making changes and updates to other sections of the site (visit some pages and you might see some changes) and there is still a programmer and designer on the project making updates. As well as all that we have other things to do - like updating the resort database which is a big job in itself and a few other things that will be online in the next few weeks.



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Our own Now reports are starting to kick into daily mode now as the season starts, or at leasts quickly approaches! They can of course be found here: http://www.snowjapan.com/e/daily/now.php


From this afternoon our weather forecasts and snow depth info data for the majority of ski resorts around Japan is also now up and running. It will take a day or two to fix everything up and make sure it is all working properly, so please bear with us as we see to that.


Once up and running the weekly weather forecast is updated every 3 hours, while snow depth information is updated once a day.


Please note that, unlike our Now! reporting, Snow Japan does not have any control over the weather data and snow depth data.


The weather data is provided by a reputable major Japanese weather forecasting company, whilst the snow depth data is ultimately being provided by the ski resorts themselves.


For more information about our weather reporting, please check this page:



Anyway, a recap of what is available:




On most of the Resort pages of Snow Japan you will find the weekly weather forecast for the resorts - see the above example.




Find out snow depths at resorts around Japan




Customizable version of the above - create your own page that lists only the resorts you are interested in.




This page shows the resorts with the most snow on their slopes.




This page shows the resorts that have received the most new snow since the previous day.


Links to those charts are available at the top of the Forum pages.

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