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Snow Japan Photos was a popular addition to the site last season, we were really happy with the way it was used by lots of people. So happy that we decided to completely remake the section, adding lots of new functionality. The section has been totally redeveloped from the ground up - but we have kept all of the photos and data that were in the previous version.


Below is a summary of what is new. More information can be found here .





One of the issues that arose with the initial Photos section was that readers wanted to upload photos of Japan that were not "snow related" or snow photos from overseas. We feel that the value of the Photos section is that it is a huge collection of photos of Japanese ski resorts and snow scenes. At the same time we want our readers to be able to upload photos from their overseas trips and other photos of Japan.


So, the solution we came up with was to create 3 main Photo Categories:





This is the main category and is the place to put all of your Japan ski/snowboard/snow/skiresort photos. Anything "Japan" and "snowy" can go in here.





This category is for Japan-related photos that don't fit into the "Japan Snow" category. Scenery, resorts in winter, festivals... that kind of thing.





This category is for snow-related photos from countries other than Japan.


When you upload a photo, you will need to specify a category - please make sure that you choose the relevant category.


One important thing we would like to point out. If a photo does not belong to any of the above three categories, please do not upload it to our site. There are many free photo hosting services on the web that you can use to upload any photos - please use those and let's keep our Photo section relevant. Thank you!




You can now create your own Photo Galleries within the Photo section.

So, for example, if you went on 4 trips in the winter season, you could name them:

> Niseko Trip January 2006

> Hakuba Trip February 2006

> Yuzawa Trip March 2006

> Trip to Switzerland April 2006


It is really up to you what you call them. If you assign a photo to a Photo Gallery that you have created, it will automatically be displayed within that Gallery on the site.




You can now edit the captions that you write for each of your photos. Just click on the EDIT button that you will see below each of your photos when you are logged on.



You can also edit the photos themselves. So if you make a mistake uploading a photo, or find a better one later on, you can change it without having to upload it as a completely new image.

You can also move your photos between Categories and your own user-defined Photo Galleries as well.


Please note that changing or unassigning a photo to a specific gallery or catergory will not delete the photo itself. If you wish to delete a photo, you will need to click on the DELETE button that appears below each photo.



We have significantly change the Search Photos functionality, which is now on it's own page. You can now search keyword, member name, category, user-defined gallery names, prefecture, resort and date. Or any combination of the above...



Each reader and resort photo galleries now have their own clever little Monthly Archives.



We have increased the size limie of each photo to 300KB.



Every so often we will choose one photo that has been uploaded to the section to be the "Photo of the Moment".





The Photos section has been created for Snow Japan readers to upload their ski / snowboard / snow photos. With our new Categories, there is now a place to also upload general Japan-related photos and also "Overseas Snow" photos. Please make sure that you assign the correct Category to each photo you upload.


This section is not a free general photo hosting service. Please refrain from using it as such. This means that photos that do not fit into the 3 available categories are not suitable and will be deleted, so please refrain from uploading anything that is not covered by our specifications. (ie. no photos of Grandad on his holiday in Skegness). For example, if you want to post a photo on our Forums, please use a general photo hosting service to upload the photo and then link in the photo to the Forums that way.


The following are not appropriate on our Photos section:

- photos/images that do not fit into the 3 main Photos categories;

- offensive images of any kind;

- pornographic images;

- copyrighted material;

- photos that do not belong to you (without the permission of the owner);

- images that look like advertisements or contain promotional messages


Any of the above will be deleted or edited without warning. If a photo you have uploaded is deleted, please do not re-upload it. If you do repost inappropriate photos, your posting rights will be suspended and you will not be able to post photos to our site.


Snow Japan will have the last word on what we feel is appropriate and what is not appropriate - and we can delete photos without warning if we feel they are not appropriate.


Other Notes:


All Photos on the SnowJapan.Com website are posted by registered users of the site - they are not posted by SnowJapan.Com and SnowJapan.Com is not responsible for the content of any of the photos uploaded.


SnowJapan.Com reserves the right to delete or edit any Photo on the site and will do so if we feel the need to (for whatever reason) and without any notice. Please just use common sense and don't abuse the system (as we will show very little tolerance for users who are seen as 'causing trouble'). Action that might be taken for "repeat offenders" may include a temporary or permanent ban from the site. We really hope it won't come to that!


If you feel somebody is making a nuisance of themselves, or feel that somebody has posted a photo that does not belong on this site for whatever reason, then please let us know at editor@snowjapan.com and we will look into it.


Images that can be seen to be advertising of services or products of any sort are not appropriate.


Now all that is out of the way, we hope you enjoy the brand new section! If you have any problems, please mail us at the usual address.

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Looks great. I like the fact you can make galleries and put the photos in categories.


What will happen to photos that are up there but don't fit into those categories?

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  • SnowJapan Moderator
What will happen to photos that are up there but don't fit into those categories?
We will be posting guidelines about this in more detail next week.

Basically we will want the photos that are already up there to be put into the correct category. All photos that were on the site before yesterday are in the new section and are all - by default - currently in the JAPAN SNOW PHOTOS category.

If you already have photos on Snow Japan and can go into the Photos section and move the categories around, that is great! Please do so it will help us (it seems some people are already in the process of doing that). Otherwise eventually we will be doing it.

We will want any photos that don't fit into the section to be deleted - but we will give people proper warning and time about that and also plan to keep the original photos online. (There's not that many that fall into that category though).

More details on all that next week.

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OK. I've sorted my photographs, and arranged them thematically. They are now in the galleries:


Japan Snow Photos (default)


Tohoku country life




Snow clearing




It makes it much more coherent not to have them all mixed up in one gallery. I've also been able to get in to edit some errors and typos in the captions. Finally, I've been able to substitute some older images for better ones without deleting them from the threads.


thumbsup.gif Excellent functionality.


I will confess to being one who suggested these changes to the photo section, and thus caused SJ months of sleepless nights. I'm expecting a jolly good wigging from SJ1 as soon as he gets out of bed.

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We have adjusted the RECENTLY UPLOADED PHOTOS and RECENT RESORT PHOTOS listings on the main Photos page so that, for example, if a person uploads 10 photos then the table is not filled up with just that person listed.... basically the most recent 10 different users and resorts will appear in the list.



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It was a bit painful moving about 80 photos individually, so I staged it over 3-4 sessions. Then I had a rethink, and subdivided one of my new galleries. I'm very happy with the result though, and you only have to do such a major re-organisation once.

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  • SnowJapan Moderator

We have been making some changes to the lists on the main Photos page - in particular the Reader Galleries list which is now sorted with the most recently updated gallery at the top of the list.




Yuzawa area (6) SerreChe

When there's no snow at Nozawa (9) NozawaNow

France - Dome Des Ecrins (24) SerreChe

Vienna, Austria (2) gifulover

Hakkai-san (12) sanjo

Rotenburo (14) soubriquet

Autumn colors (2) NaebaNow

2005/2006 Season at Naeba (21) NaebaNow

Tohoku country life (51) soubriquet

Iwappara Photo Gallery (31) muikabochi

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We've made some more modifications to the Photos section. Until now at the bottom of the main category pages








there was a list of links to all the pages of that category. For the main JAPAN SNOW PHOTOS category there was over 300 links on the page which was way too much - and it will only get bigger as we enter the season.


So on those main Category pages the list of links does not now appear and the pages benefit from not having those lists shown.


We've only taken the lists off the above 3 pages - the lists of pages continue to appear on all other pages and galleries.

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