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mogski, nat is an awesome g-rider, thank you very much, have the photos to prove it!


belle here from oz - boardin' sisters everywhere unite......


you see a lot of j-girls boardin but not so many f-girls...will be looking out for you all this weekend.


ocean11, my love - see you have been copping some flack on the other posts.... well, as much as we love you and all, this is not one i would have thought to have seen you on.


but we love ya anyways....


go girrls

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mogski - I AM A GIRL!!! I AM A FEMALE SNOWBOARDER!! How can you get impression I am a BOY? Your message really hurt my heart tongue.gif


(Belle- thanks a mil. for tell' the truth to Mr. mogski.)


I am always on Mountain(somewhere) on weekend. Pls give me shout, I will show up for you.

I assume my real-face is slightly better looking that photo.

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telly- Who did tell you I am "quite a saucy one"?


Someone called me "Petite boarder" or "Sake-holic (I am not really Alcoholic!!) " or something like that but I have never heard that people.

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Nat, oh boarder girl, Nat

Your heart may be broken,

But your spirit it is not.

Forgive mogski so all can be forgot.


Nat, oh boarder girl, Nat

Mine is not the place to doubt

Nor is this board the place to scout.


Nat, oh boarder girl, Nat

To you and fellow boarder girls I salute,

Your presence on the resort makes our day so beaut!

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Hi girls (and boys)!


I suprised many reply.

Where you go to slopes?

I am in Okayama. Where you from? Where you live?


P.S. It was my first time posting in this site. This site is really cool.

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Yuki - Am in Tokyo smile.gif


telly - ....why you guys talking about me on the chatroom!? (...a bit freaky...someone talking about me even I cannot guess what/who talkig about me...) wink.gif


Someone who talk about me with telly -


Do you really remember my face? I am not that attractive looking ( I think) And if I am attractive looking " WHY NOONE WANT TO SHARE "DOUBLE LIFT/ROMANCE LIFT" with me!!

Anyway thanks for telling telly that I am "saucy"


belle- I wanna go drink out with you(arr... I wanna c your Kagura pictures!)


mogski, a poet & skier -

thank for your lovely poem. I wish I cannot poem back to you ('cos my boss might come back to her desk soon..) But I will make one for you soon smile.gif


Girl snowboarders - where is your base? Am interest to see you all.




[This message has been edited by Nat (edited 07 February 2002).]

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