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I realized Japan Geographical Survey Institute "国土地理院" had released a new search engine for 1:25,000 topos of Japan.

The preliminary service site is Japanese language only.


- Please do not make any "direct link" to map images for avoiding overwork of the server.

- A private use copy is allowed under Japanese Copyright Act.

- A commercial use copy requires approval by JGSI.


The search engine is Japanese language only.



1. Search by Topo Map Index

(1) Select a name of 1:200,000 maps.

(2) Select a name of 1:25,000 maps.

1:200,000="20万分1", 1:25,000="2万5千分1"


2. Search by Location Name or Building Name

(1) The search name must be Japanese Kanji characters.

Search="検索", Cancel="取消"

(2) Select a prefecture name.

All Prefectures="全国", XX Prefecture="XX県"

(3) Check category

Location Name="地名等注記", Public Buildings Name="公共施設等"


3. Search by Latitude & Longtitude

(1) Specify North Latititude with "ddmmss.ssss"

(2) Specify East Longtitude with "dddmmss.ssss"



4. Search by Town Name

(1) Select a prefecture name.

(2) Select a town or village name

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