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Originally posted by Creek Boy:
<500,000 7 people
<1,000,000 1 person
Even More! 1 person

for the 9 people who spent that much how did you do it? Ive skied roughly 40 days this year, live far from the mountains, bought a season pass, and didnt even get close to half of that amount. Thats impressive eek.gif shifty.gif
Easy. You've seen how I live, 1st class all the way, now imagine that for a couple of months.
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i just had M$ Money give me a report of my expenses - and yes, ive so far spent 378,000 yen already... and im expecting about 20,000-30,000 yen in the coming weeks...


this includes everything - equipment and gear, learning materials, school lessons, food, travel, ski packages, etc.




BUT, i promise myself that next year would be different... i would definitely set a budget - say 100,000 yen? which would be for about 4-5 cheap packaged tours?

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I wasn't able to get out much this last season because I was in the process of moving down to Osaka from Tokyo but next season I'll be a regular up at the Gifu places. So not much spent on skiing. A lot spent on moving though \:\(

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I started the season saying I would make do with my old gear. In the end bought two boards, bindings, boots, new shells, equiped my girl with all the BC gear plus some ridding gear, bought better BC gear for myself, rented cars nearly every weekend, flew from London every weekend for 22 weekends in a row, hired guides, campervans, hotels, bought a tent, sleeping bags, paid higway tolls and petrol. Serioulsy, I think I have spent several thousand euros, possibly over 10k (about eur3k alone on hiring mountain guides). I have honestly never spent so much on one thing (I usually just save and invest). I have also never achieved or experienced as much nor found more satisfaction and joy from anything before. I'll be happy with that when I die. I am also happy with the basic freeride foundation I have built myself for future seasons, many years ahead. Next season alone will just be incredible.


ps - although I have blown 10 hard working career years of my life getting to this stage, I still consider myself very fortunate to be able to match my motivation and passion with an adequate supply of cash to make it happen. I don't take it for granted and conceed that some people will see it as indulgent and wasteful.

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