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Yakeyama Heli Skiing 2006 was released.

Date: 2006 April 1st(Sat) and 2nd (Sun)

Cost: 16,000 yen per head per day (one time)

(Total: 400 persons)

Course: 15 Km (start:1,700m) Vert.1,400m

(Snowboard is acceptable.)

Map: Yakeyama-Onsen, Niigata-ken


HP: http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~yakeheli/

Poster: http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~yakeheli/img/panf.jpg

Contact: 025-555-4233

e-Mail: yakeyama-heliski@ninus.ocn.ne.jp


Note: Reservation is required. Inquiry/Application will start on/after Feburary 1st.

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how does it work?

400 people down 1 run in 2 days! or 400 each day!

Probably only worth it if you are on the first chopper on saturday morning or if you like skiing moguls the last one on Sunday.

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Cripes, only in Japan would you see a heli operation trying to pump 400 people down a BC line in 1-2 days. Talk about taking their on-piste culture to the off-piste arena. I wonder of there will be an omiyagi shop on the way down?


JPY16,000 is however very cheap for a drop.

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That red and white chopper they have pictured would likely only hold 4-5 people plus pilot. I guess they might have multiple choppers making non-stop return trips ferrying 200 people per day. Oh the serenity, the freedom.


15kms is a reasonable length run but with a relative 1400m vertical it is going to be a very flat ride. Don't believe me? Go to http://www.carbidedepot.com/formulas-trigright.asp and input a = 1400, b = 15000 then click Calculate. Read of angle A: 5.33 degrees average slope angle. I hardly believe it myself, I must have made a mistake: the horizontal run is far less than 15000m so if you took a direct line your angle would be steeper. But this is a 15000m indirect line that only drops 1400m vertical. How fast can you walk 15kms with your skis on your shoulders?


Also, with 400 people the chances of one getting hurt or lost is high. So I would expect abunai signs and dame people and fluro ropes spaced evenly for at least the first 14.5kms of the run.


Sorry, I should stop being such a miserable dirtbag.


nai yori mashi.

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Guess I like cheating.


Vallee blanche in Chamonix is also about 15km but with 3000m vert. Even that is pretty flat most of the time. Only the first 200m are steep, and very much skied out most of the time.

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