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Originally posted by montoya:
sava.. anyone.. do you know how to do wind-chill calculations?
Montoya: here's the Celsius version of that graph from our friends at the AAD ...


Alternatively, you could do the more accurate but laborious calc; though you'd need a wind gauge and accurate wet/dry therms!:

http://www.aad.gov.au/default.asp?casid=15593 confused.gif
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just went up to Iizuna which is only about 15mins from my house, it was snowing lightly above maybe about 800m. I too am soooooooooo excited


edit: I took some pictures that I thought I might be able to play with in photoshop and get them right, but the result isn't much chop, not even worthy uploading, too dark. what I wanted to show however is that the runs were clearly visible


andother edit: just looking at the weather forecasts and it looks like we might be in for over 20cm in Nagano over the next week, fingers crossed



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  • SnowJapan Admin

Hi montoya - do you have a bigger version of that, and do you think your friend would be ok having it on the now pages?


This season we are inviting people to send in pics of the places covered in the now reports so we can put them up there to share with everyone:


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top of naeba (off their website):



btw, just picked up the latest issue of Powder Guide (2006 No.6), seems the whole issue is devoted to BC in Japan. check it out if you have the chance, pretty good stuff.

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hey montoya, hmmm wondering if there is any way i could get my hands on that Powder Guide issue, sounds interesting...


By the way how do you post pictures?? (in forums)Ive already searched the site but i cant find how.



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