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Originally posted by miteyak:
Are congrats in order?
I don't normally refer to the missus as a "bird", but she is quite little. She won the Mt. 6 as well a couple of years ago.

She won with her "seki" address that is not in Hakuba.

This could be the last year for all these promotion tix. Shiga and Nozawa pulled out of the "All Nagano" one claiming the price was too cheap, and the Mt 6 one that included those two has also bitten the bullet. I'd like to think we'd see a general release of wide-area season tix next year, but we'll have to wait and see. With high fuel and heating costs, I can see the resorts having a hard winter.
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gamera i want to buy you a beer for starting this post clap.gif and montoya too for putting up the link to the 52-mt. pass. clap.gif


i got a large envelope from nagano snow love club this morning--52 resorts.

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