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A new feature - "Yuzawa Statistics 2004/5" Season - has been put online.




"October 23rd, 2004. 


The temperatures were dropping, resorts and hotels (and Snow Japan) were busy preparing for the first snow of the season and looking forward to a good winter season.


Then it happened... a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in the Chuetsu region of Niigata to the north of Yuzawa town around Ojiya and Nagaoka city. Within one hour there had been three extremely powerful earthquakes and multiple strong aftershocks. While the towns and villages around Nagaoka were by far the worst hit, Yuzawa (which is about 50km to the south of the epicenter of the quake) also got a strong shaking and hotels and buildings had to be evacuated. It turned out to be one very long night for many people - and a long month as countless aftershocks hit the region..."




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