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have a good one cb =)


well, the schedule says

Foundation memorial lecture at Main conference room  16:15-17:15

* No simultaneous interpretation service is available.

i wonder who's speaking now.. bet some doctor or professor..

would be happy to go and listen to dr. tsonda's speech though cool.gif


the party starts at 17:25,

i don't drink tonight because im driving smile.gif




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 Originally Posted By: Fattwins
I almost cried watching some of the students balling.

Read this and thought ..." What? Elementary kids balling?" What were the teachers thinking?, Then realised that FT meant "Bawling" as in crying. Balling has another (quite different) connotation referring to the copulatory act.

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I know - it makes sense to run the school year to the calendar year (to us), but I think most countries work it so that the end/start of the year allow for a long summer holiday.


But we Aussies went and stuffed up a perfetc system by making the school year from Feb - Dec, yet the intake year from July to June! Thanks to anomolies in the education system my eldest is in Year 12 (final year) at 16, the next two will be in year 12 at 17yrs, and the baby will be 18yrs old in Year 12!! wakaranai.gif

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haha, the Jeannie quest


Got a girl in the office called Jeannie.


I asked her if she skis - yes

I asked her if shes been to Japan to ski - yes

I asked her if she's heard of a site called Snow Japan. Ah... no,


quest continues.

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