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She was involved in a pretty nasty accident. From what she told me last night one of the cars flipped and the ojichan was pretty banged up and now is hospitalized. It was some stupid ossan who turned across her lane and caused the accident with 2 other cars. Had I been in the car I would have been dead eek.gif Ewok is so lucky she is OK and no broken bones or dead herself...良かったね!!

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Thanks for your kind words cb, bp, quattro, fjef, ft, wr. wiggles, dizzy, warhawk. And thank you all for those "just checking to see if you are ok" phonecalls and emails.


That night, two cars were going straight on a green light. I was on the right lane, and K car was on the left lane. When I saw that scary suicidal car turning and coming to me, I stepped on the brake, and we crashed. The K car on the left lane mostlikely hit my passenger's side and the suicidal car's left side strongly and flipped, I was sitting in a middle of a sad mad sandwich.


Right after the crash, police cars, fire trucks, amburances, and illegal breakdown trucks arrived. The scene was all smoky and red (siren). When I saw the K car's driver's face covered in blood, I touched my face, and felt strange that my arms, legs, and head seemed ok.


Many many faces came up to my mind, what if she/he was sitting on my passenger seat, my grandma, beloved one, pregnant sakamo, bpg, risa, and you my sj friends, and I kept thinking what if she/he got injured by this accident how sad their beloved ones would be...


Yesterday, I got a phoncall from the man who caused this accident. He sincerely apologized, but my unfocused anger, sadness, and pain were still there, so I couldn't help but ask this question "why did you make such a suicidal turn?". The old man's answer was "I don't remember but I was a little absentminded."


I'm sure he didn't make this awful accident intensionally, I'm sure no one wants to have a car accident, but one driver's simple careless mistake can make a huge impact on other's lives, which cannot get covered by insurance nor money no matter how sincerely sorry a perpetrator feels after the accident.


I always feel thankful to be healthy after catching a cold, sometimes feel great to be alive. But I don't think I've never been thankful this much.


Safety comes first. Even if you are driving just right, there is a chance to get involved in a tragic traffic accident. And this goes not only driving but also skiing and snowboarding.

Drive, ski, and snowboard safely everyone. wave.gif

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