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hey fellas. Looks like you all had a good weekend. Luckily we got a bit of snow on Saturday night so we managed to get up to the mountains on Sunday. Wasn't great, but was better than sitting around in the city \:\)


Kuma, how are you finding the Nitro? I have only just had the base repaired so I've been riding the malolo mostly. I've been finding the Nitro a bit difficult when switching from edge to edge. I'm not sure if its the board itself or my mission bindings (I'm using my older flux bindings on the malolo with no probs). Anyway, it seems like I almost catch an edge when I transfer over. I don't quite know how to explain it, but it is like I can't get the board to react without giving it a huge effort. I'm hoping its just a matter of binding adjustment. Any ideas?...

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yeah that's the fish \:\)

super fun lens in the right situation


re: nitro. I do find that if I don't carve in it's natural turn radius it jumps a bit. but other than that it carves really sweetly. Handles real steady at high speeds, has great pop. I really like it.

try moving the back binding as far back as it can go to get a more centered stance. the holes seem to be a little too far forward

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cheers Kuma, I think I have the back binding as far back as possible. Maybe I'll switch my bindings and see if the prob still happens with my flux bindings on the nitro. I agree about the pop of the Nitro. I was hitting a medium size table top on Sunday and it was very stable on the landings, and popped beautifully off the kicker thumbsup.gif

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I think she said "why does Daddy meet so many strange people through the internet?"


I tried to teach her to say "Daddy is a snowblader." but no luck (yet).


FT she was so funny when everyone was talking back and forth about skiing and snowboarding, so she just starts going "blah blah blah" to joing in - we must sound the same to a non-snow freak.


Sounds like a nice windy adventure at the weekend, btw.

I was skating shirtless, in shorts, in the sun on saturday morning - early mid February??? global warming anyone?


I obviously don't snowboard anymore - I retired for the long weekend.

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