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Good to meet so many of you guys at Hakuba up till Monday. And nice to have a big crew to ride around with, especially thanks to coach for all the tips. Looking forward to getting some new goggles and being able to see next time.


Dizzy`s tree grab / rodeo was pretty sweet, there may even be pictures of it to come??

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lol.gif lol.gif lol.gif

that prolly was me bg and cb saw flailing off the tree. my first real tree jib! doing a trick you don't call is like playing Slop billards. Cheating!


and yes, "gondola" is stressed on the second syllable in the midwest ;\) prolly cause there are none in the midwest

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good pic, Kuma. lol.gif looks like i'm wiping my #ss w/ my front hand. Where's the tweak w/ my other arm?


something to work on this year


Cheers fo rthe note, FT. you know me, we checked the snow first. let's careful!

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Can anyone let me know if the Club Med in Sahoro, Hokaido is good? I plan to go this Dec. Anyone has been there before and can let me know if the snow condition in early Dec 10 is good for skiing?
It's probably not all that relevant now, but were the conditions good there around that date?
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