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Ullr, or whoever



We need more big bonfires to summon the snow.


Let's burning.

I like bonfires.


I have all of my milk/fruit juice cartons since April (all rinsed, but i can't be arsed cutting them all flat to go in the recycling) so let's recycle them into heat and light! They burn really well.


We could chip in and buy the cheapest snowboard from the recycle shop to throw on the fire...

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the weather forecasts are starting to improve, lets hope it starts dumping!


I just found out my boss' on holidays till 19th Jan, so I can't take leave till he gets back, probably a good thing at this stage.


Gives me longer to hit the gym and get ready to burn it up \:D


Can I get a....?

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You should hold out there mate. I'm still getting rid of my month long cold, but found out we all had some virus on top of that, which expalins my flu like symptoms I came down with last week. Snow will just keep getting better from now. It's even snowing outside here as I type.


I'll be up there on the morning of the 5th for 3 days.

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man, finally!! enjoy peoples, I've been spending my days on white sand and swimming in cool blue waters, Byron Bay is pretty nice this time of year.


I'd trade it all for a pow day though \:\) haahah.


looks like the season has finally started, diggidy!

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just scraped the wax off my LINE prophets, ready for another fun day on the hill tomorrow..... been good out riding with the crew the last 2 days, some pretty deep powder, just need more snow to cover everything up!


cb baby, sweet dinner the other night, loved the part when FT threw a spoon..... or was it a fork?..... across gravity worx lol. i felt ill on my first weekend on the hill, and the mountain air solved all my problems. DO IT ! ! !

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