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it's not about faith \:\) If there's snow I'll head to Hakuba.. if not I'll go somewhere else.


I'm sure it will snow, but then that's what I was saying last year.


It did snow early last year, so at least the dumps are yet to come for this season, I'm sure it will start puking soon enough.

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Originally posted by janus77:
nice pics by the way.. it's been so long since I skied pow, I can't remember what it's like!
I never forget - I ride pow every night in my dreams, waking up is often a big disappointment!
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add to my super fun week


I now owe $6k on my credit card because my bank sucks. There was some fraud a while ago and I rang up and had my card cancelled. (several months ago)


I then get a letter on Friday:


"We have received a standing authority transaction from Innovations Group for your old account numbered xxx which was closed following reported fraud. The transactions have been charged to your new account numbered XXX.


Thing is



the innovations group is the one where the fraud happened. So I cancel my card and they put the fraudulent transactions onto the new card.




I suck at life \:\(

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Reread you credit card's T & C. And definitely appeal the fraud charges.


Its probably standard practice to pass the charges along to the customer (even though the customer is not obligated to pay) hoping at least some will pay without question.

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