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Okay, okay I have been away for a while and haven't checked in, but have been back on-line now these last few days and I have noticed a few new features....amongst others....


I am member #204 - intersting fact indeed - why is the SJG member #120 - would it not be #1?!


We can now "rate" members.... oh dear - this smacks of those high school popularity contests that we all detested with a passion (well I did anyways). I take comfort in the fact that some dear person (a friend for life now) has voted me a 4**** rating. Mwah (that's a kiss, by the way, whoever you are). I love you! I am equal in popularity with Ocean11, Danz and NoFakie. Woo hoo! I am going to start voting for myself, or is that not allowed? Poor Cheeseman. What evil is this that you have you started, SJG!?


More things to amuse my small mind during the day other than just surfing the new posts and day dreaming about riding come December.




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Hi Belle


Thanks for the post.


The best way to explain it is that the Forum is now setup differently, meaning that some of the registration details were moved around a bit.


We do have number 1 as well, but created the "Ski Japan Guide" handle later on to make things easier - a few of us use that handle.




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