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this year i am really keen to learn a few jumps and gain some confidence in the half pipe. at the moment i sort of skedaddle through it with a fair degree of trepidation.


i am a very confident carver on the groomed runs, a bit less so when in powder or trees. i am almost 100% comfy with riding switch so now want to start adding in a few snazzy bits to my day out on the slopes.


i'd be keen to hear people's thoughts on how to get started with jumps/turns (i really want to get air!), how to build confidence (i have helmet and wrist guards together with a no-fear attitude!) in the half pipe. i am not so keen on the trick park - e.g. i don't care about rails, table tops etc.


anyone out there with advice?




ps - nat welcome back, you've been very quiet on here of late!

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For getting down a particular trick check out that website that was posted earlier. I think it was snowboardingmotion.com. They totally break down the trick and show you examples.


The best of what little advice I can give you on the half pipe is to practice. Just ride as much as you can and you will get better. It doesn't take very long of riding slowly through the half pipe before you start to get a feel for it. I am by no means a great pipe rider though, but I can ride it. Just get a lot of speed and don't feel intimidated by the people watching you.


Jumping: Remember to jump. When you get close to the lip crouch down and then spring your body up as hard as you can. Don't just allow the jump to throw you off, control where you go. You'll be landing in the perfect tranny in no time.


Tricking: The hardest thing about getting a new trick down is doing it the first time. Before I ever did a method I was so afraid to bring my legs up behind my back. After I finally got my body to do it once I realized how freakin easy it was and now it ain't no thang. (Hopefully it will be the same if I can ever get my body to do a backflip). Same with a shifty. It feels really weird to turn your body in mid air and then back before you land, but it is actually a really easy trick, looks super cool and is soooo fun.


Spinning: It's not easy, but the best advice I can give is to a) grab an edge - you want to get the spin initiated before you leave the ground B) really jump - you need air c)throw your upper half of your body as hard as you can, look over your shoulder and your legs will follow. Start with 180s. They are relatively easy and you will get the feel of spinning down. Then just throw your body harder. It's tough, hopefully I will be able to give some better advice at the end of this next season.


Hope some of this helps.

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hopefully I will be able to give some better advice at the end of this next season
if I'm not too busy learning the basics of getting over curbs in my wheelchair...

Go for it! I'm going to be grabbing my edges this season too, so I expect my fingers will be too swollen to type.
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In my experience...., hit the air in off-piste is good for practice. Because randing is not hard as t-park.

But it's too much hassle to make your own one. plus I have heard that there are rule, if you make a kicker or kickers out of Terrain park, you have to destroy your kicker yourself after you made it....


The kickers in Terrain park is more friendly to beginners. But landing is pretty hard so you may hurt yourself.... So if you wanna try tricks at the park, better to try in March.


That's I could tell....



.... gomen for I've been quiet! Because

1. Season was summer....;

2. I was lazy....; and

3. I was in/out from Japan to Europe. In the fact, I am going to Europe again this Friday!

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