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Hi folks!

I plan 2 go 2 Hakuba on 8 Dec 2001.

We are not sure we will stay one night in Hakuba or Just day-trip from Tokyo/Saitama area.

BUT if you interest, please give me shout!


I have updated my website for snowboard version, I gonna keep update for winter season, pls check up for it if you interested in :-)

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yeah, i'm interested for sure. last season i never made it to tha local slopes due to work. two trips to tha north island compensated though. but this season i've got me own wheels an wends free, so i'm up for as many day trips or wenders as me body can handle. could ya give me some info on tha joint. thanks nat.




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Are you sure that December 8th isn't too early for Hakuba ?


Even in the wonder winter last season, it was only after Christmas that things got interesting.


Why don't you wait for the snow reports, or at least plan to go to one of the resorts with the bionic snowmachines ? Hakuba at that time is probably only going to be a waste of money. Unless you're seriously hardcore and don't give a shit, boarding on thin snow is only going to wreck that lovely board you spent all that money on. Dem rocks sure do cut through ptex dead easy.


If you make it to Hakuba later in the season, stay the night and buy one of those new super 7 tickets that gives you two days at any of goryuu, 47, happo, sanosaka, iwatake, minekata, and highland for 7800. If boarding is your thing then 47 and iwatake would be first choice.


Hardcore hakuba kids should note that iwatake's season pass is something like 30000 if you buy it this month. Its season is shorter than happo/47, but there are some cool runs, the carpark is free, and chabo is there to teach ya. You can also soak away your pains at Kurashita no Yu on the way home.


Will probably try and hit Cortina for the DBD myself....

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I know what you mean...

But last year....

I went up to Hakuba 47 & Gokyu around that time, and open day for Hakuba 47 & Goryu was free lift pass day.

That's why I planning to go up there...


Do U have any recommendation in that area??



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