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hey, i dunno where it is exactly,


but thats the place,

teine highlands,

where the skischool director is that famous guy who skiied down mt everest.

and he taught jackie chan how to snowplow on skis in 30 mins or sumthing,

damn, thats reason enough to go to that resort.

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Teine is quiet close to Sapporo city. Actually its about the closest slope to Sapporo. I used to go there quiet a bit a few years ago. It's got a few intermediate runs but not so many advanced slopes. Tends to get a bit crowded since its so close to Sapporo.

As far as I remember you can get a bus from Sapporo station, and it takes about 40-50 minutes

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Its not the closest place from Sapporo centre, but is the closest decent place. (Moiwa is the closest, but no boarding. Next is Bankei, and Fujino healthland, and a few others).


From Sapporo centre (where I live) it takes me about 50 minutes by car.....and yes, it is towards Otaru (in an area called Teine, funnily enough!). Quite small, but there are some nice secret powder places Ive heard, once you know the place well. And the season pass gets you cheap tickets to Kokusai, Yuubari and Kamui!!! (1000 yen)...and vice-versa.


Will go there tomorrow! (but no internet at home, so I cant report...sorry!)

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